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  1. No.1 Hello my name is Colin I have a problem on the Flightplan Downloads page. No.2 Since about 4 days everytime I press the download button Aerosoft Airbus on my screem I get How do you want to open this file? It does'nt matter which one I press nothing is taking flp. file to my Documents page so I can transfer it to my Aerosoft Airbus. Please help me.
  2. Great Stuff Love It Holgi

  3. aerosoft a320 ground crew no sound vol. is 0%

  4. Hi Shaun my prob with Mega Airport London Heathrow is by landing I can´t see the runway until I´m on top of it and no lights I have Munich I brought them both at the same time and it´s perfect can you help me would be very gratefull.
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