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  1. No.1 Hello my name is Colin I have a problem on the Flightplan Downloads page. No.2 Since about 4 days everytime I press the download button Aerosoft Airbus on my screem I get How do you want to open this file? It does'nt matter which one I press nothing is taking flp. file to my Documents page so I can transfer it to my Aerosoft Airbus. Please help me.
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    Sorry I must of been half asleep when I ordered Casablanca. Mopperle Thanx for your help. Niloc
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    windows 7 FSX
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    Hi can somebody help me with Aerosoft Casablanca which I bought this morning I have made a screenshot of the problem so you can see it. please I would very grateful. Niloc
  5. Great Stuff Love It Holgi

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    Sound Prob.

    aerosoft a320 ground crew no sound some guy wrote Issue solved with revision 1.31 and therefore topic will be closed.the topic is closed but where is the answere.
  7. aerosoft a320 ground crew no sound vol. is 0%

  8. Hi Shaun my prob with Mega Airport London Heathrow is by landing I can´t see the runway until I´m on top of it and no lights I have Munich I brought them both at the same time and it´s perfect can you help me would be very gratefull.