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  1. Airport addon suggestions: New Zealand (CHT/NZCI) Chatham Islands/Tuuta Airport Panama (BOC/MPBO) Bocas Del Toro "Isla Colon" International Airport Philippines (DVO/RPMD) Francisco Bangoy International Airport TAIWAN (HUN/RCYU) Hulien Airport United States of America (ONT/KONT) Ontario International Airport (Not the Canadian one, its the one located in California)
  2. Aircraft addon suggestions: Dornier Do 28 Skyservant Hawker Siddeley Trident,_British_Airways_AN1811332.jpg
  3. Some addon scenery suggestions: Australia Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport (YBWW) Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU) Malaysia Pulau Tioman Airport (WMBT) Netherlands Texel International Airport (EHTX) Fun fact : This airport was used by Fokker to test their aircraft.
  4. Its been a while since i last posted here So here are some more of my addon suggestions (specifically aircraft across the spectrum) for Aerosoft to consider for a "future project" or not. 1) Dornier 328/328 Jet 2) HondaJet 420 3) Cessna T-37 Dragonfly 4) De Havilland Vampire/De Havilland Venom 5) Fairey Swordfish 6) Fokker 70/100 (since the Flight1 version is pretty old and doesn't seem to work with steam and Prepar3d) 7) Casa 212 8) Grumman G-73 Mallard 9) Embraer KC-390 10) PZL M28 Skytruck 11) Mig 25 12) Sikorsky S-61 13) Ilyushin IL-18 14) PAC P-750 XSTOL 15) Fokker 50 (I know there are others on sale at Simmarket but they are quite old and are low quality)
  5. No iconic yellow and a bit plain looking. (seems a bit similar to Qantas tail design [white logo with blue instead of red] ) Honestly i prefer the livery before this one. So what are your thoughts on this change? comparison between the new and old livery (Apologies if this topic has already been posted here)
  6. Its been a while since i last posted here So here are some new addon scenery requests: Armenia Zvartnos International Airport - UDYZ Belarus Minsk International Airport - UUMS Bulgaria Burgas Airport - LBBG Sofia Airport - LBSF China Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport - ZSAM Kunming Changshui International Airport - ZPPP Indonesia Manado International Airport - WAMM Kazakhstan Aktau Airport - UATE Mongolia Chinggis Khan International Airport - ZMUB Montenegro Tivat Airport - LYTV Podgorica Airport - LYPG Russia Irkutsk International Airport - UIII Novosibirsk International Airport - UNNT Mirny Airport - UERR South Korea Cheongju International Airport - RKTU Taiwan Taichung International Airport - RCMQ Taipei Songshan Airport - RCSS Kaohsiung International Airport - RCKH
  7. Some more addon scenery requests before 2017 British Overseas Territory Saint Helena Airport -FHSH China Sanya Phoenix International Airport -ZJSY Xianyang International Airport -ZLXY Japan Fukuoka Airport -RJFF Naha Airport -ROAH North Korea Pyongyang Sunan International Airport -ZKPY Wonsan Kalma International Airport -ZKWS Northern Mariana Islands Yap International Airport -PGSN Tinian International Airport -PGWT Rota International Airport -PGRO Palau Roman Tmetuchl International Airport -PTRO Peleliu Airfield - C23 Angaur Airstrip - FAA ID: ANG (This airport doesn't have an ICAO registration) Russia Vladivostok International Airport -UHWW South Korea Daegu International Airport -RKTN Togo Lome-Tokoin International Airport -DXXX United States Grant County International Airport -KMWH
  8. FSX/P3D Airport Addon Requests: Anguilla Clayton J Lloyd International Airport -TQPF Bahamas South Bimini Airport -MYBS Grand Bahama International Airport -MYGF Leonard M Thompson Airport -MYAM Belize Philip S.W Goldson International Airport (MZBZ) (The default version in FSX has trees covering the runways) British Virgin Islands Terrance B Lettsome International Airport -TUPJ Niue (Island nation located in the Pacific) Niue International Airport -NIUE (actual airport code) Russian Federation Solovki Airport -ULAS (This Airport has a runway made from steel plates) Turks and Caicos JAGS McCartney International Airport -MBGT United States Virgin Islands Cyril E King Airport -TIST Venezuela Los Roques Airport -SVRS
  9. Thanks for the info in regards to ORBX Dubrovnik. Its weird because when I made that post no payware of Dubrovnik airport showed up when I searched for it on Google
  10. Some aircraft addon suggestions this time for FSX/P3D Aerospatiale Caravelle Airbus Helicopters EC 665 "Tiger" Antonov An-124 An-74 Casa cn-235 Convair 580 (or earlier models of this aircraft like the 240,340 and 440) Lockheed Martin L-188 Electra P-3 Orion Mikoyan Mig-29 Rfb Fantrainer
  11. Some more airport addon suggestions for FSX/P3D Australia Townsville Airport (YBTL) Brunei Brunei International Airport (WBSB) Ecuador (Galapagos Islands) Seymour Airport (SEGS) San Cristóbal Airport (SEST) Puerto Villamil Airport (SEOE) Fiji Suva International Airport (NFNA) Indonesia Adisucipto International Airport (WARJ) Kazakhstan Almaty International Airport (UAAA) Astana International Airport (UACC) Kiribati Bonriki International Airport (NGTA) Cassidy International Airport (PLCH) Laos Luang Prabang International Airport (VLLB) New Zealand Dunedin Airport (NZDN) Solomon Islands Honiara International Airport (AGGH) Zimbabwe Harare International Airport (FVHA) Victoria Falls Airport (FVFA)
  12. Some more airport addon suggestions for FSX/P3D Australia Norfolk Island Airport(YSNF) Gold Coast Airport(YBCG) Brazil Brasilia International Airport(SBBR) China Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (ZUUU) France/Switzerland EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (LFSB/LSZM) Ethiopia Bole International Airport(HABB) Indonesia Setani Airport(WAJJ) Philippines Mactan-Cebu International(RPVM) South Korea Gimpo International Airport (RKSS) Jeju International Airport (RKPC) Incheon International Airport (RKSI) Thailand Chiang Mai International (VTCC) Tanzania Julius Nyerere International Airport(HTDA) Wallis and Futuna Hihifo Airport (NLWW) Ponite Vele Airport (NLWF)
  13. Here are some more airport addon suggestions for FSX/P3D Australia Darwin International Airport - YPDN Hobart International Airport-YMHB China Shenyang Taoxian International Airport -ZYTX Croatia Dubrovnik International Airport -LDDU Japan Tokyo Haneda International Airport -RJTT Osaka Itami Airport -RJOO Osaka Kansai International Airport-RJBB New Chitose Airport-RJCC Madagascar Ivato International Airport - FMMI Malaysia Kota Kinabalu International Airport- WBKK New Caledonia La Tontouta International Airport- NWWW Magenta Airport- NWWM New Zealand Wellington International Airport - NZWN South Korea Gimhae International Airport -RKPK Ukraine Boryspil International Airport -UKBB Zhuliany Airport -UKKK Vanuatu Bauerfield International Airport -NVVV
  14. I suggest the following aircraft addons for FSX/P3D MIL MI-26 Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet Sikorsky S-92 Britten Norman Trislander Sukhoi Superjet 100
  15. Thats good to hear that Mauritius scenery is finally being made for flight sim I'll take a look at the Guam scenery on Avsim too.
  16. Here are some of my addon suggestions GUAM Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport - PGUM SRI LANKA Bandaranaike International Airport - VCBI MAURITIUS Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport - FIMP AUSTRALIA Perth International Airport -YPPH BARBADOS Grantley Adams International Airport -TBPB
  17. Can someone do these liveries for the Twin Otter Extended?
  18. Yes!!! you are correct other reasons why climbing on Ball's Pyramid was banned because of lack of rescue facilities available on lord howe island because if a climber got into trouble while climbing on Balls Pyramid ,rescue equipment wouldnt be able to get to there in a short time another reason is Ball's Pyramid is too unstable for safe climbing.
  19. Something tells me that this quiz has reached its end point .
  20. Here is today's hint This scenery is located in the Tasman sea between Australia and New Zealand.
  21. here is another hint: A landmark that comes with this scenery is called Ball's Pyramid.
  22. Hints: 1.This scenery is made by Aerosoft. 2.This scenery isn't located in Europe.
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