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  1. Yea, for MSFS is uninstalled but seams it works. However, after spawning at ENVA all CRJ's lights were turned on, although aircraft was dark and cold...
  2. I hope the release of CR9 and videos will be pretty soon
  3. Hello, after watching all fantastic episodes I think to myself it lacks me one, maybe two... The Dude, be so kind and take into consideration preparing part(s) about go around and holding. After taht, we would have all set from start to land with extra attractions which may occur during the flight.
  4. Hi, I use Strem Deck with CRJ. It very convenient solution. To connect SD to the plane I recommend you SPADE.next. It gives me the possibility to take out LVAR from the CRJ. Thanks to LVAR data you have access to gauges, knobs, and buttons of CRJ. You can use SPADE.next in cheaper and pricy version. The latter one gives you the direct access to the SD. In tahat case, buttons can change their state and for example change displayed images. That version has much more possibilities and provide much fun. In the cheaper version, for example, you can bind the SD with CRJ's LVAR via virtual Joy. Flyin
  5. Hi, as supposed, A320NX already suffers from the update. Engines can't be turning on due to unclickable pump buttons...
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