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    Hello, Very thanks for you detailed explanation, in first time i think the sode 1.6.2 not compatible..... after you thid explanation i have understand and configured the sode for Bergen scenery, now all ok, the "x" disappeared.... Very Thanks and Best Regards Cristiano Arosio
  2. IBE6651IBE6650


    Very Thanks for you Answer and explanation , for Sode , reinstall version 1.5. 3 ?
  3. IBE6651IBE6650


    Good Day , I have purchased Aerosoft Bergen Scenery via simmarket and download te last version installer , during flight to bergen and after landed into scenery appear various X in violet colors into all terminal also i have last sode version installed.... Please see image below how the x disappear .... ? During install not appear problem install correctly ... Thanks and Best Regards Cristiano Arosio
  4. IBE6651IBE6650


    Good Evening Diego Thanks for the reply, on the first thought it was a mistake of the publication of approach charts , and then to the problem of installation and conflicts with the default scenario of p3dv4 but then I had seen that on the P3DV3 has the same frequency as 109.90. Now with your answer that puts at the end of my doubts, and I was told that the Italian ENAV changed the frequency of Ciampino, because when it was released the frequency was still on 109.90 Very Thanks and Best Regards Cristiano Arosio
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    Thank for your Answer and Solution..
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    Good Morning , I have Aerosoft Ciampino installed on p3dv3 and v4 , the scenery is ok, one problem the ILS frequency wrong , on approach charts the frequency is 110.55 , into simulator frequency is 109.90 .... i have default ciampino to bgl.off and redownload ciampino last installer , for p3dv4 and frequency same 109.90 , i think last charts wrong freq reported or simulator navigation data wrong ... please suggest me for solution .. Thanks and Best Regards Cristiano Arosio ,
  7. Buena Tardes, Me gustaria saber si hay una actualizacion del aeropuerto de amsterdam sobre la pista 22 que ahora es mas larga, y nuevas indicacion letras de la pista de rodajes Cordiales Saludos Cristiano