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  1. Yes and my point after something like 30 years in this hobby is that any freeware developer can throw out some 2 or 10 m/pixel photoreal area in their addons. If you are gonna charge money you need to provide that little extra. But again I will most likely purchase Lukla anyway and replace everythig with my own 1 m or 50cm photoreal manually. 2 m is just to blurry regardless of how much dense autogen you try to hide it under and 10 m is just well....
  2. Sorry my bad, I found it, thanks! Altough a little dissapointing I have to admit that the core area is only 2 meter per pixel resolution, that just is not very sharp and I figured in 2019 the standard among payware developers is at least 1 meter (look at TrueEarth UK for example). With todays bandwidths and cheap SSD I dont understand this desicion and personally I would gladly pay for a proper 1 meter per pixel core area. Well, I guess I can always buy the product and replace all the phororeal myself to 1 meter or 50 cm per pixel area and just copy over the autogen/POIs for my own use I guess.
  3. Thanks for the link Tom, although that does not reveal very much juicy details about the actual coverage area per se. For example how far towards Katmandu does it cover in photoreal. Perhaps the developer who actaully knows can chime in here. If not, its not the end of the world, I guess I will just have to improvise my photoreal project then. Mike
  4. Would it be possible to provide some sort of rough estimate of the scenery area coverage? I will be creating my own photoscenery to compliment yours so that I will have complete coverage all the way to Katmandu. This area is too darn beaitiful to settle with landclass scenery on those slightly longer flights. //thanks
  5. I agree fully PatrickZ, option to remove static Aircraft would be nice (or at least the possibility to manually delete a bgl file that contains the static aircraft.) Generally I want to put together my own AI traffic Schedules and repaints based on the real World traffic. For this addon however I imagine most Airports will be sloped and therefor not support AI traffic but still. I honestly rather have no traffic than static traffic. Images look amazing though. Cant wait for this one
  6. I cant find if this has been asked but will this product include El Berriel (GCLB), even in a ”light” renditiion? it is a fairly freqently used for GA traffic and it is part of the island after all looks like quite a charming/atmospheric little airport so it would be sad to be without it. I personally wouldnt mind a little higher price to justify the addition.
  7. Thanks for the update Mathijs, look forward to this :) Although a die hard P3D general aviation enthusiast primarely flying in SimWing territory of the Canary Islands this sure will spice things up a bit and fun with a little change of simulator. Keep up the good work!
  8. Looks very very nice! But in the most humble way I can express, why on earth not a more exciting area? why not one of the islands in Hawaii, Grand Canyon etc where one truely would enjoy the sights, the mountains. This is all flat. Nothing I truely fancy when up in one if those machines to be honest.
  9. I no longer know what I am most enthusiastic about. It used to be Gran Canaria but I have to say La Gomer look mighty fine. Bring it on
  10. Mathijs. This was just a fun screen capture from Google to compare with reality I was just keen to find the location of the screenshot. I guess just the fact that I found it so fast witness how good the screenshot is already and WIP no less. La Gomera will be a no brainer purchase for me. Keep up the good work SimWings. But as OPabst said earlier, lets get back to the topic of this thread Gran Canaria Airport and surroundings Mike
  11. I am speechless, I am without speech! The best sim news this year! Way to go SimWings!
  12. Very impressive! I also have to agree with some of you here that the market request more and more detail, sometimes justified but in some cases just a bit overkill. Personally I want to spend my time flying not walking the hallways inside the terminal. In fact walking inside an airport terminal in real life must be one of the most boaring things there is That said, I cant but admit that this looks very nice indeed. Hope to see it available sooner rather than later. And while at the subject of the Canary Islands. Can you SimWings please, please, please look in to doing La Gomera Airport and island. No one has ever done this airport properly and its the only one left of the Canary Island not covered properly and yet has the most beautiful approach of them all Mike
  13. Yes and they both do in fact work in p3d v4 so I am thankful for that at least. In any caae, I will keep my fingers crossed for an update at some point.
  14. Ok thanks for the update Tom! sad news if true that he will not do anything more in Norway Patrick. Strange because I recall some time back that I read that at least he would update his Alta scenery to p3d v4. His Tro dheim update was amazing. Hope he changes his mind
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