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  1. Mathijs. This was just a fun screen capture from Google to compare with reality I was just keen to find the location of the screenshot. I guess just the fact that I found it so fast witness how good the screenshot is already and WIP no less. La Gomera will be a no brainer purchase for me. Keep up the good work SimWings. But as OPabst said earlier, lets get back to the topic of this thread Gran Canaria Airport and surroundings Mike
  2. Nice indeed, just the beautiful bushes missing. Right out of Gogle maps
  3. I am speechless, I am without speech! The best sim news this year! Way to go SimWings!
  4. Very impressive! I also have to agree with some of you here that the market request more and more detail, sometimes justified but in some cases just a bit overkill. Personally I want to spend my time flying not walking the hallways inside the terminal. In fact walking inside an airport terminal in real life must be one of the most boaring things there is That said, I cant but admit that this looks very nice indeed. Hope to see it available sooner rather than later. And while at the subject of the Canary Islands. Can you SimWings please, please, please look in to doing La Gomera Airport and island. No one has ever done this airport properly and its the only one left of the Canary Island not covered properly and yet has the most beautiful approach of them all Mike
  5. mikced76

    Bergen & Stavanger, Jo Erlend :)

    Yes and they both do in fact work in p3d v4 so I am thankful for that at least. In any caae, I will keep my fingers crossed for an update at some point.
  6. mikced76

    Bergen & Stavanger, Jo Erlend :)

    Ok thanks for the update Tom! sad news if true that he will not do anything more in Norway Patrick. Strange because I recall some time back that I read that at least he would update his Alta scenery to p3d v4. His Tro dheim update was amazing. Hope he changes his mind
  7. Hi Mathijs Do ywou happend to know if Jo Erlend Sund have any plans to update Bergen & (or) Stavanger in Norway in the short or medium timeframe? Bergen has a new terminal and Stavanger has not been updated to work in p3d v4 or 3. I figured now when Köln is out of the way he venture back to his native Norway kind regards Mike
  8. mikced76

    Airport Kiruna preview (P3Dv4)

    Anders, the Hawaii airports were developed For FS2004 according to the developing standard from way back then. Even though they do work in P3D v4 they are very very outdated.
  9. mikced76

    Airport Kiruna preview (P3Dv4)

    I agree competition is good but here we are with so many airports missing in the world (Hawaii...hint hint) just because developers dont communicate, something that would benefit everyone. People are naturally free to purchase the version they prefer but I would be surprised if anyone would select anything but Orbx after seeing those pictures. With that option the customer not only gets Kiruna but also Borlange Dala airport as well as a not yet revealed bonus airport. Three for the price of one! I just cant honestly get the decision of this Kiruna developer. Mike
  10. As long as the Aerosoft Dutch Airports are Orbx TrueEarth compatible I will be happy whenever they are released. As good as that TrueEarth product is, the updated airports are honestly not its strongest selling point in my humble opinion.
  11. I wonder this too. For Gran Canaria there is not much else in the free or pay department anyway but its increasingly difficult to wait for Tenerife South knowing the options. Without starting a competition debate I have to say that I do find the Sim-Wings quality unmatched but I aint getting younger :)
  12. mikced76

    El Hierro and AI traffic

    Does anyone know if Hierro suffer the same fate as La Palma with AI refusing to land because of the high surrounding elevation? For La Palma knowing the issue was there I solved it beautifully by adding ILS in both direction with approach far from the island elvation. Now AI traffic land without any problem. Hierro however beeing such empty airport (any I just purchased) its much tougher to test AI landing. Perhaps ILS is needed there too. Anyway. I must really congratulate Sim-Wings on two beautiful islands. I took a VFR flight around La Palma today and I know I often come in here to ask for support and somtimes.....well nag and complain but todays flight was nothing but a real joy! I used real world procedures in the fantasic A2A C172 and the island is breathtaking! mike
  13. Some Tenerife Sur news or images would be much welcome, over two months since last post now. La Palma is one of my favorite airport addons to date and Hierro I will get as soon as Tenerife Sur and Gran Canaria is released. On a side note, will La Gomera be of any interest to develop? Its a small but very beautiful atmospheric airport with a cool approach and will be much missed stuck right in between all your nice Canary islands
  14. To say it looks very nice is a bit stretching it would you not say? This is Maasterich new Pro version, I expect nothing but perfection that piece of photoreal needs tweaking
  15. I agree, not a bad idea. Maastericht cant have that present ground color or it will look a bit odd with Orbx RealEarth NL. John Venema over at Orbx said RealEarth NL will blend perfectly with their FTX Global/FTX Europe series so I assume as long as Maastericht blend well with the present FTX products it will look good with RealEarth. As you said Mathijs in another thread that Aerosoft have good relations with Orbx, I hope that good relation lead to products that not only run well together but also look good together. I want to buy Aerosoft Maastericht (and all the other Dutch airports) but if they wont look good with RealEarth its a no go for me unfortunately. mike