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  1. Simple question. Will these amazing Airports see P3d v5 installers possibly? I fly VFR exclusively with Svolvaer as my virtual home base and roughly between Bodo in south and Tromsö in North so I am keen to know the status with these three little airorts. Svolvaer should really also see some white runways markings, other than that they are superb and installs without any problem in to p3d v4.5 if one Points it as install directory. Thanks
  2. I too would love to see more Norwegian airports and p3dv4 updates to the Jo Erlend Sund airports. Alta & Svolvaer are still not updated to p3dv4 (although at least Svolvaer works beautifully anyway in v4) By the way, I never understood why the runway at Svolvaer was made sloped in the first place. Lukla and Courchevel I can understad but the little visual benefit at the expense of no AI traffic was not worth it. Jo Erlend, if you read this and ever update Svolvaer please, please remove the slope or at least make it optional. I want my AI traffic back :)
  3. Thanks for the update Mathijs, look forward to this :) Although a die hard P3D general aviation enthusiast primarely flying in SimWing territory of the Canary Islands this sure will spice things up a bit and fun with a little change of simulator. Keep up the good work!
  4. Looks very very nice! But in the most humble way I can express, why on earth not a more exciting area? why not one of the islands in Hawaii, Grand Canyon etc where one truely would enjoy the sights, the mountains. This is all flat. Nothing I truely fancy when up in one if those machines to be honest.
  5. Yes and they both do in fact work in p3d v4 so I am thankful for that at least. In any caae, I will keep my fingers crossed for an update at some point.
  6. Ok thanks for the update Tom! sad news if true that he will not do anything more in Norway Patrick. Strange because I recall some time back that I read that at least he would update his Alta scenery to p3d v4. His Tro dheim update was amazing. Hope he changes his mind
  7. Hi Mathijs Do ywou happend to know if Jo Erlend Sund have any plans to update Bergen & (or) Stavanger in Norway in the short or medium timeframe? Bergen has a new terminal and Stavanger has not been updated to work in p3d v4 or 3. I figured now when Köln is out of the way he venture back to his native Norway kind regards Mike
  8. Anders, the Hawaii airports were developed For FS2004 according to the developing standard from way back then. Even though they do work in P3D v4 they are very very outdated.
  9. I agree competition is good but here we are with so many airports missing in the world (Hawaii...hint hint) just because developers dont communicate, something that would benefit everyone. People are naturally free to purchase the version they prefer but I would be surprised if anyone would select anything but Orbx after seeing those pictures. With that option the customer not only gets Kiruna but also Borlange Dala airport as well as a not yet revealed bonus airport. Three for the price of one! I just cant honestly get the decision of this Kiruna developer. Mike
  10. To say it looks very nice is a bit stretching it would you not say? This is Maasterich new Pro version, I expect nothing but perfection that piece of photoreal needs tweaking
  11. I agree, not a bad idea. Maastericht cant have that present ground color or it will look a bit odd with Orbx RealEarth NL. John Venema over at Orbx said RealEarth NL will blend perfectly with their FTX Global/FTX Europe series so I assume as long as Maastericht blend well with the present FTX products it will look good with RealEarth. As you said Mathijs in another thread that Aerosoft have good relations with Orbx, I hope that good relation lead to products that not only run well together but also look good together. I want to buy Aerosoft Maastericht (and all the other Dutch airports) but if they wont look good with RealEarth its a no go for me unfortunately. mike
  12. At least the Aerosoft version will be compatible with the upcoming Austria photoHD product. Orbx scenery rarely blend well with other photoscenery products. That could be one reason to look to Aerosoft rather than Orbx, at least for me even though its a tough one. Agree to the above however, you cant develop an airport forever, sooner or later someone else will step in. mike
  13. Sweden overall needs some desperate love from FSX developers. From what know there is only one airport Arlanda in payware and no landscape scenery or anything from any developer. I read there is a new Island scenery from Aerosoft with landscape and irports, now how about doing Scandinavia :-) Many are we scandinavand waiting for FSX addon improvements.
  14. With The L.A addon around the corner I wonder a little about FPS. I generally fly low and slow GA, typiclly Carenado addons, with no additional LAX airport scenery. What can I expect in terms of FPS around say Santa Monica or Long Beach (away from LA downtown) on a lower to half decent system: 512MB video 4Gb RAM i5 procesor 2nd gen 7200 rpm HD Acceptable frames is a go or no go for me here purchasing US Cities LA
  15. Thanks for the reply. Overall I guess it would be good business sense to make addon airport for areas you make landscape for, much the same way Orbx does so successfully with their landscape titles. Apparently some freeware designer team is now working on a high detail VNY so perhaps there are better alternatives: Santa Ana and Long Beach comes to mind. Mike
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