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  1. Is The pro airbus p3d4 able to perform a runway GLS appr.(GBAS landing system} And if so how to do it. and how can I see in the fmc that I`m enabling a gls appr. regards wil
  2. i know this was a problem .I have with the crj pro. I did not know it with the airbus also. its wondering me that after a new fresh install , because off the crj pro troubles , i use the airbus pro and carenado without faillures. so it came out off the blue yesterday . the only difference with other flights it was dark . normally i fly in daytime.
  3. flying lepa-egnx just entering the englisch coast, fl360 and a 1/2 houre to eta.. the A319 went total black , not because fuel is empty , no restart possible. how is that possible???
  4. enclosed pictures fromn error. did alredy severak reinstal. sound system error failed to find media file: c:\users\....\simobjects\airplane\aerosoft A320-321 professional Base\Sound_ASC\ASC_PF-OnAuto.wav. The 318-319 the same. click ok on error p3d4 shuts down
  5. this topic can be closed .However it is not solved , no one aerosoft or myself was able to find a solution .I`m the only one having this error. In collaboration with Aerosoft we have decided to end this endless search . Unable to fly with the crj pro , i can use the crjx , we withdraw the crj pro subscription and changed it for the A330 pro. Again thx for everyone for all the time that's is spent on this error , what is not an Crj-pro error but something in p3d4 or w10 I believe , no other AC I own having it. And for the kindness from Aerosoft for the collaboration in this rare case. wil
  6. when i buy the trustmaster tca , for the airbus pro , works this only/ exclusief for the airbus and not compatible for other addons? As iI own also the mjc dash ,aerosoft crj X and feel there ERJ V3 kind regards wil de boer
  7. i know just did that to see if I get to it to work properly . I`m out of options now. how is it possible that " something " take the power away from the crj pro and most of al why only the crj pro. If the yoke and throttles where wrong configurated it should be problem of all AC . except the mjc dash. If the fuel and weight from p3d4 was wrong it should be related to all AC exept the MJC. wil
  8. new instal in p3d4 root depart normal cl to 10000 normal. cannot use cl trust losing speed must stay on max trust. cl to fl200 no more speed than 250 with 400ft VS otherwise losing speed. once on crz speed 215 in cl trust not accelerate
  9. Thx for the help but sadly it did not solve it. climb start and cl nomal til 10000 but things getting more weirder uninstall the carenado 208/210 after restart the pro crj 700/900 and 1000 where gone just the 550 left. the crj700 and 900 older remains and stil flying and climb by hand and AP normal. next step reinstalling the pro . despite the strange things I can`t understand where the pro crj power is gone. and this after a clean install p3d4 and addons wil
  10. thx but I need crj pro cfg. 550/700/900/1000 the airbus pro has no problems wil
  11. p3d4 version in I:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 it is in the same folder as the pro airbus c:\Users\Wil\Documents\Aerosoft the digital crj also I had in the past about the same problem with the carenado grand caravan fsx/p3d no power Also a very strange error. The offert me the ce208ex version I copy`d the cfg from ce208 to grand caravan version and the problem was solved. Caranado also could not find anything wrong in the cfg file. Is it possible that I can get you`re cfg by mail 550/700/900/1000 I wil backup the my cfg and put the new in and find out ore it solve the problem. Even strange is that the pro have worked great before the new clean install p3d4 and all addons. just to be clear I`m only using legal AC addons . if possible lets try to swap the cfg files and see if it helps if that not solve it I wil uninstall all carenado AC to find out if there is a addon related problem . in advance wil
  12. I reinstall the pro again after install the digital crj. now the pro is flyable but cannot cl with more than 700ft pm. and speed 200kn. so very careful slow climb no difference on hand or ap throttle on max on cl losing speed on crz level speed 200 nondifference with or without AP or max , togo or climb throttle
  13. what is the roaddmap now. I own a unflyable addon and I really like to think , together , to solve it. I have try'd everything for my ICT knowledge also try to find solutions on google. and I`m not have so much knowledge to look deeper in W10 or crj pro version program . before the p3d4/addons reinstall I have te crj working and in the weekend i will install also the pro version without deleting the older version. I know you wrote before the are different addon not working together . But I give it a try because the where both working before the clean up. Sometimes rare things happend , in a former post i wrote The crj Ipad navigraph charts never worked. After installing the A318/320 pro it worked on both addons. regards wil
  14. ok I`m lost cannot find any option to get the crj pro working. so I uninstall the pro version and reinstall the previous crj. And works great .no problems at all. Depart ,climb , speed works as it should be.
  15. I`m using AS and asca for ages .My problem is that before reinstall a clean P3D4 and all addons (because off scenery problems) I never had trouble with the crj. because off that I was asking are there any old register inclusions that maybe responsable for this . Because after the reinstall the p3d4 install path was changed. reinstall te crj i did already twice. with the older crj came a config planner I don`t find it with the pro version , is that correct , all entry`s going via the onboard ipad?
  16. yes that`s clear but the whole point is setting speed and climb ea 250kn and +1800ft the AC Never reach 250 kn . it try`s to climb and getting in a stall because losing speed. And than starts to descent to speed up. That is every time the whole story. I mention the agreement FMC with the MJC dash witch I fly also , so I know how it works . I have used since 2017 the crj with great pleasure ,I`m not saying being a professional but pretty wel knowing how to use . This whole thing is started after a new clean install of p3d4 and all addons . Iss it possible that there is something in register/app data that casing problems regards wil
  17. yes but normaly ifon autopilot and nav .by hand i can manage it ,iknow it is not on auto like a boeing or bus. but more like a dash . so it must be possible to keep speed and climb with auto pilot. the ac wil be level until given speed and than start cl again and that is not happening as soon as i go to AP the AC go`s suddenly in stall.
  18. for me it is strange that on hand flying I have to put the joystick forward with real force to get the nose down. I set the pitch on 6.3 as given in the performance. but to get a proper climb without losing speed i have to turn it down to 1. doing all that I was able to manage cl and speed
  19. yes and for some reason even with full power won`t climb and speed up I made video with hand flying , to big for website . I sent you a pm with wetransfer link regards wil
  20. Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 with WideServer_ waiting for clients 2020-10-22 11-48-59.mp4 Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 with WideServer_ waiting for clients 2020-10-22 11-35-52.mp4
  21. yes I`m using the latest version. and I have never expérience this ever before with the crj. the problem begins on fl100 . If i use autoflight the speed stops at 240 and the vertical speed to +/-200ft slow climb to about 13000 and loses speed . no difference on climb ,toga or manual trust setting . manual flight acts the same. empty or loaded ac no difference real weather or clear p3d4 weather no difference. warm or cold acts the same Is there a possibility that Pro Raas or accufeel could be involved. I had a problem with the Airbus pro all systems black after 20 min. flight caused by some not properly installed carenado AC and solved it. but the crj is very different nothing changes on the eicas engines running full but obviously without power . if i reinstall where I have to look and what to remove to preform a really clean install.
  22. after setting up fuel , no difference witch model, fuel ,pax , cargo all in green . sending to cdu and setup FP with start and land performance. taxi to rw. flaps set and to until 11000 ft normal. nothing changes in the EICAS N1 and 2 and engine temp , fuel flow are normal then the trust stops (egine`s are running to or cl trust)the ac cannot climb anymore. even with a small climb the ac loses speed . setting climb on holt ten ac accelerate to 260 the ac won`t go faster. I have reinstalled the AC ands renew the p3d4 cfg flaps and gear are up.. no difference in a fully laded ore an empty AC I own te crj and the pro version (p3d4) is it necessary to install both regards wil regards wil
  23. ok problem with the bus solved. indeed some carenado addon thx for the tip , kind regards wil
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