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  1. I have fixed it. I was using the level-d 767 witch has pause at top of descent on, so I tried a default aircraft and it seamed to work for me! I would check if the aircraft you are using has this turned on if this is coursing a problem with the pause option with aes
  2. i am I am having the same problem as you but I use fsx I have tryed all the things you have but it will not save
  3. I Find that I am unable to upgrade my system becouse with 3 kids money is tight. I have fs2004 & FSX but mostly use fs2004 bescouse of my system as it is showing its age!!!!! Q6600 9800 GT Grafices win xp 4gb Ram
  4. lanicarx will not show up in fsx i have e-mailed support thay say that you do not need to ativate it in the louncher but it will not be reconiced in aes
  5. both versions of aes fs9 & fsx show different credit availabe fs9 says 14 fsx says 8 I had to buy more credit so I could keep using fsx!!! is thier any way to make them say the same so I do not have the same thing hapen
  6. I am having the same thing happening to me !! Keith
  7. I just tryed to the new aes can unload no problem when I go to board you cant becouse of the fuel truck so I asked for push back then get the message ready for boarding. You can not select it in the menu and when you cancel push back aes locks up you can not reset even when you move in slew mode the airbridge,cargo loaders just stay there. all the best keith
  8. No I dont just the standerd textures I do not have the proble any were but at bonn keith
  9. I have the problem with ANY change of view or if I bring up a menu it seams to hang. then will start again it even hapens when I try to go to the main flight sim menus
  10. I have just instald the new airport but when I go to chang to another veiw like fsnav sreen it seams to stop for about 10 seconds or so before you can do anything!! it is very anoying
  11. Hi when I go to casablanca there is no runways the taxi ways and turminal are there but it looks like they are still building the runways!!(there are textures wich look like founations have been biult) I have had it working fine untill I did a re-enstall of FS9 Help
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