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  1. Thanks Hoffie for your help, did what you recommended and we are flying again. Thanks!
  2. I am running P3Dv4.5 and when I selected the CRJ for flight is was completely dead. No response from the FMS or any other switches. I have been flying both models for some time, with no problems, till this happened. I do not recall anything that I may have done that may have caused this to happen. I uninstalled the product and reinstalled it with the same results. I am really at a loss for the cause.
  3. Any chance this will be out so I can fly the new NGX out of it to PAKT?
  4. Will this include the surrounding areas of Lake Hood, which is the busiest seaplane facility in the world?
  5. I am aware of that thank you, but since Aerosoft has taken over development of the CRJ from Digital it was a thought that an update was possible through Aerosoft. Just a thought for an improvement of a great product.
  6. I love flying the Cheyenne, it is one of my favorites. I know there are add ons that would provide additional upgraded avionics GPS etc. Has Aerosoft given any thought to provide an intergal modern avionics package that could be made available at cost to Cheyenne customers? Thanks
  7. I apologize before hand but I must of missed the notification, but could someone tell me where the Airbus X downloadable livery section has moved to? I checked the Airbus section and the liveries subsection but I could not find the free download livery section that was previously located in the free section. Thank you
  8. Morning I don't know if you have seen this but here was a accident at Mountain Air some time ago:
  9. You know what the good thing is about all this? At least I am not hanging out over at the PMDG forum waiting for the NGX to be released. That's good, right?
  10. All I can say to everyone at Aerosoft is TAKE YOUR TIME. I rather wait than have something put out there that requires multiple corrections.
  11. I am attempting to reinstall Aspen X but using the serial number and email address previously used is not working. Could you send me a new download and serial number or tell me how to recertify the problem? Tks
  12. We of the "Colonies" say hello to the "Mother Country" Nick
  13. After reading a postong on the PMDG forum in regards to passing on information in regards to furture releases, which said it is best that the less the information the developer releases the better. After reading several entries in regards to the development of the Airbus I must agree that the less said the better. Richard Churchill
  14. I recently repurchased the Cheyenne product and attempted to reinstall after uninstalling the previous version. This is the 4.0 version, the FSX version will not install, when attempting to do so I get the "modify, repair or uninstall" screen. If you check your sales record I am a loyal aerosoft customer. I enjoy the Cheyenne product very much and look forward to your advice to get it install correctly in FSX. Richard Churchill
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