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  1. Coast line in scenery isnt very accurate (a lot of straight lines). I miss something or its a "feature" of addon? Pictures from near Marambio Base.
  2. I started to flying over Antarctica. In Teniente base I noticed 2 levels of elevation on airport. In scenery addon Antarctica X is on the top for sure. Is it a bug? Pictures was taken in to same time.
  3. I need something for explore Antarctica but on the ground level. Something like snow scooter (the best way) or vehicle ? Can You advise something ?
  4. Ok, found some post about this, thx, my foul. Red levers not a mixture .
  5. Repaint is here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/files/file/1075-dhc-6-300-twin-otter-skin-t-85-argentine-air-force/ Today sent to Avsim and Flightsim. Regards!
  6. Hi, Two turbo engines of Twin Otter have a big power effect when You start engines. For 1-3 sec max power and next rpm falls for IDE position. Unfortunately in this 1-3 seconds airplane starts a little turning (it depends on which engine started) which is very annoying and isnt realistic . Settings of this 'start engines' operations: Prop Levers are on min level, Throttle levers too same (IDE - middle position on overhead panel, min, but not revers), Prop Auto off and.... parking brake on. Any idea why model starts roll? Thank Your for advices.
  7. The paintkit is available on Aerosoft website but only for owners of all model (previous) DHC-6 but I agree with You. For owners of Antartica X in download section after login must be too .
  8. Just download again whole model and install again too. Thx for the firs time (with Wilga) list of changes. If someone used this textures of US from megaupload (so no CTD) no need this 1.11.
  9. Hi, quite difficult....I havent this Huey ; > .
  10. As You see near ready but still WIP proces. The Argentine Air Force used them on Antarctica since the 1970s with at least one of them deployed the whole year at Marambio Base.
  11. Polar Skin of PZL-104 Antarctica IPE isOUT. Link for Avsim: http://library.avsim...xacrp&Go=Search
  12. Half a night and ready ! Wilga for Antarctica X. IPE - International Polar Expedition. Just I need the ski!
  13. Dicided to do fictional repaint for Antarctica X - International Polar Expedition. So White Wolf is coming for cold area! : ) WiP:
  14. YoYo

    Kiwi Wilga X

    Repaints are OUT http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=wilga+yoyosims&CatID=fsxacrp
  15. Octopus, I havent last time many free time but after 12h of flying new version of Wilga - big progress with FM. Thx for new quality of engine and shake effect (maybe its good idea too panel, not only covers of engine but its better!). Now for me FM is OK with settings on different level of flying. Wilga holds parameters of real aircraft. Im very happy user of new FM of PZL-104. STOL aircraft now. I feel, aircraft hasnt light waight but engine has power. Very well done. Thank You.
  16. So? Octopus if You have free time please of this ski version. Good idea for Antarctica X (but a little fictional situation...) but winther and santa is coming! : )
  17. YoYo

    Kiwi Wilga X

    Thx for opinions. WIP. On the desk. Two skins will be in too same time.
  18. Zlin, thank You. I did a little different panel with radio.
  19. Nice idea for radios! I use it too.
  20. YoYo

    Kiwi Wilga X

    Yes, but with changes of textures inside (more dirty) and new baby perhaps . Kiwi airplane video: ; >
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