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  1. Hi, what updates? v1.0 was the last released version for fsx? If you are referring to the window textures then yes I have those, this hasn't anything to do with those textures though. See here http://digital-aviation.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3875 same problem I am having. Was wondering if there was another fix other then limiting fsp, which I don't want to do.
  2. Thanks Snuve! Don't forget to take your meds today.
  3. Wow your one insulting piece of work. Guess where you can stick that gerbil? Forget it, I will never ask for help in these forums again thanks for nothing!
  4. Yes i realize its a fs9 model. When I am in the VC there are big problems, the plane 'wiggs out' in other words there's this weird shaking of the view where it flashes textures or something. Whats up with that? Is there a fix? Did i just waste my money? I don't even want to fly it now! eagle
  5. Seems to me a few things aren't working correctly, as well as some graphic glitches.
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