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  1. Hello everyone! I have a question concerning the what the colors in the Vertical Wind chart mean. The green, tan and red? Thank you in advance. Bob
  2. I didn't know it came with a manual. LOL. I'll reinstall and read it, however, I can't believe the display settings are so discrete as to wreck simulation if not set per the manual. I could understand visual effects and improvement, however, not a show stopper. Thanks! Bob.. Edit: I re-installed and used the display settings recommend and no change. For me, simulation hesitates 1 or 2 secs every 20 or 30 seconds. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I just purchased and installed Cleveland X. It is unflyable with major stops and jerks when in the scenery area. Has anyone else installed this yet? Thanks. Home built Core i7 930 (4.0Ghz) - Asus P6t - 6 GB Mushkin Redline - Cooler Master ATC 840 Case - Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler - Corsair HX modular 840 PS - 1TB WD Black Caviar - EVGA GTX Superclocked 460 - Windows 7 64bit - FSX w/Acceleration
  4. Yes, I received the email this morning and did note my account had been updated. Thank you very much for the prompt response and help. Bob..
  5. Hi, I just purchased an upgrade to FS Flight Keeper and the serial number is being withheld by Aerosoft. The following message is included with the confirmation email: Flight Keeper 3.10 : Please contact the aerosoft support (order status is not proved)! I used Paypal and my account and credit card have been charged. I downloaded the product but cannot use it. Is there a link to the correct Aerosoft support folks that can fix this? Please advise. Thanks. Bob..
  6. I can't find them. The update list doesn't list the Piper Cheyenne FSX as a choice for updates. I can download the FSX again as my link is valid until December 08. Does the current download from Aerosoft include all service packs? Thanks in advance. Bob..
  7. Hi, Happy Holidays to all! I cannot get the VOR/GPS rocker switch to move. It is stuck on VOR-ILS therefore unable to have the autopilot (NAV) follow the GPS flight plan. BTW the VC FPS in FSX is much better than FS9. Thanks in advance! Bob..
  8. Doh! Of course. Does that mean I'm grounded? Thanks! Bob..
  9. Hi, I just installed version 2.10 FSX with Acceleration. I have a continuous caution light that will not clear. I cannot find any reason for it, but I'm sure the answer is quite simple. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Bob...
  10. Hi, I cannot get AES to recognize the RFP B747-200. I even reinstalled RFP, went through the Aircraft Parameters setup again in the AES help application and still nothing. It will work with the Maddog 2006 and PMDG etc. Control Shift W does nothing. I am sorry, but this is very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you advance. Bob..
  11. Hi Oliver and thank you for the quick response. And I do understand that an editor would be quite complicated and probably more than I would want to tackle. I look forward to seeing the additional airports in the future. The program is well designed and I compliment the team. Thank you. Bob...
  12. I am interested in using AES, but out of the 80 or so airports 9 are in the continental US. This is clearly designed for Europeans (which is great) but what about future expansion of US airports? KPDX should be at the top of the list. Is there a future list and is there a best guess estimate on adding additional airports? Can an editor be made available that would allow users to create AES active airports? Or is it really beyond most simmers capabilities; like me. Bob..
  13. Bobpr


    Never mind. I found the update; I think!
  14. No biggy on the ship "misplacement". It was the first, so I just un-installed the program and re-installed. I placed it in the proper place the second time.
  15. Many thanks. Can you also direct me to a tutorial on how to removed a ship. I seem to have Coast Guard Cutter sitting on the runway at PAKT. I read the manual, but it doesn't say where the XML backup is. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I'm a newbie to helicopters, but getting a little better each day. I would like to use the AFCS for the new version, but can't get it to work. The Appendix E tutorial referenced in the manual is missing in this release. With SAS turned on, I select Auto HDG. The copter does NOT turn to the HDG Bug. The BAR ALT button does not hold altitude. I'm sure there are one or two steps I'm missing, but without any documentation, I'm lost. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob...
  17. The user manual references appendix E for a tutorial on the AFCS (which I can't get to work). I cannot find appendix E and would like to learn the system as there is noting in the manual on the AFCS use except button definitions. Thanks. Bob..
  18. Hi, I just purchased the Beaver and have two problems. 1. When I select the lower panel in the Amphibian (Modern Panel) the Manifold pressure gauge is replaced by another RPM gauge. I end up with two Prop RPM gauges. 2. Every time I select the Beaver (any) cold and dark, there is a audio loop playing that sounds like a jet engine. It will stopped as soon as I start the Beaver. Thank you in advance. Bob..
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