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    Hi I cannot get the update for the download version. When i sign in my sign in name or password is not recognised. If i try to sign in as a new customer it says i already exist. i have got a new password but the system does not like my sign in name. i just go around in a loop getting nowhere. Pleas what do i do? thanks Chris
  2. Hi Shaun Thanks, I have now found my orders and the relevant keys. However, I don't seem any closer to getting the VFR Berlin patch. Yesterday I registered for support but am now told when I try to log-in that I don't exist. If I try to re-register I am told I already exist, so I am going round in increasing circles of frustration regards Chris
  3. Hi I have been away from simming for a few weeks and note I need the new update for VFR Berlin. The system no longer recognises me and says you have no record of any orders. I have spent hundreds of pounds in the Aerosoft customer shop and also with Simmarket on Aerosoft products. I have also been a regular conributor in the forums. Please can you help as this is clearly very unsatisfactory. Thanks Chris
  4. Hi Shaun Thanks for that. I, like I guess many others, would not have known about all of these patches. Looks as though I've got a week-end of patching ahead! Regards Chris
  5. Hi I use all of the above and I intend to install Ultimate Terrain Europe. I presume this should go lower down my scenery library than the Aerosoft products. Thanks Chris
  6. Hi Just downloaded. Many thanks. Superb!!! Regards ChrisY
  7. Thanks for raising this topic and thanks to Aerosoft for their positive reply. It is interesting that I got no reply when I raised a similar question. Perhaps this is because I was mildly critical of the Company. Regards ChrisY
  8. ChrisY

    VFR Berlin

    Hi After the almost impossible task of obtaining boxed France 2 or Spain 2 in the UK is there going to be a download VFR Berlin in the near future? Would I do better to order a boxed copy direct from Germany? I never did have a proper explanation as to why there was such a ludicrous delay for France 2 or Spain 2 to reach the UK especially as my local supplier assured me that they had been ordered. If a product is published then it ought to be available in a country like the UK within a reasonable time-frame. It is unfair to the consumer and also the retailer who loses a boxed sale bec
  9. Thanks Mathijs. I am just worried that if I have a new config file will I be faced with many other add-ons that I have no longer working properly? Regards Chris
  10. On approach I get the texture of tarmac areas flickering and changing between the correct texture complete with runway markings and areas of pale grey texture. This is also evident on the ramp where the pale grey textures suddenly appear. Have enclosed image of the ramp showing pale areas. Is there anything I can do? I dont get the problem with any of your other sceneries that i have. Thanks Chris
  11. Hi Mathijs Spoke to Carol at RC Simulations today. Now expecting France 2 at end of the month and Spanish Airports whenever. What is going on? Would love to buy both if they were available. Regards Chris
  12. Hi Mathijs Thanks for rapid reply, look forward to buying both as soon as able to. Chris
  13. Hi Both products have been available for several weeks but cannot get them from my local UK distributor RC Simulations. They say they are awaiting them. Why do we have to wait so long after product launch! No download option either. Chris
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