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  1. Thanks, this link worked out nicely. By the way, I was just trying to download it via my instant downloads personal page, in the exactly same way I downloaded the very same scenery base package...
  2. I did it and another few things, now I have another error when trying to download that file: (I've replaced multiple caracters below by "*" because I'm not sure if there is something there related to my personal details / serial codes) This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key> downloads/AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-BERLIN-BRANDENBURG-PROF_ORBX-PATCHV5.zip </Key> <RequestId>*******************</RequestId> <HostId> ***********/****************************** </HostId> </Error> UPDATE: Just tried now with my notebook, connected via Wi-Fi to another internet connection (I have two different ADSL2+ services at home), provided by another ISP, and I got the same problem above. So, I can say for sure it's nothing inside my house. Best regards
  3. Hello, Everytime I try to download EDDB for P3Dv5 ORBX patch I find an error: "Error..please refresh your shop account access and try again!!" I tried multiple times, logging into website again, even switching to another navigator, and it continues like this Regards, Marcelo Monteiro
  4. Pointing a small issue to an eventual update. When taxing southeastbound on E, the attached taxi sign should display "G>", not "G1>". G1 is another taxiway located elsewhere, without any intersection with E. Congrats. Fantastic scenery. Regards, Marcelo Monteiro
  5. Just bought it here too. My problem is the entire airport is elevated by something like 30 ft above sorrounding terrain
  6. about PAPI: We are definitely talking about different things. in real life: PAPI can and should change its path from 3.0º to 3.2º, I don't know if based on manual inputs from control tower workers into their computers, but it doesn't matter because... ... into the simulator: as far as I know, it's not possible to reproduce this feature (at least not via ADE), so the ADE file must be set to one or to another option, that's the reason why I am not talking about PAPI here, AT ALL about ILS glide slope antennas: my point is here in real life: different from any other common runway in the world, granted with no more than a pair of ILS (one for each threshold), in Frankfurt northwest runway 07L/25R there are two pairs, which means two localizer set of antennas and two glideslope antennas for each threshold, which means four localizer antennas and four glideslope antennas on the entire northwest runway system (07L/25R), each one with its own frequency and its own identifiers, which means four different frequencies and four different identifiers; two of these four system (one on each threshold) is set to provide a glide path of 3.2º degrees while the other two (one on each threshold) is set to provide a glide path of 3.0º. Looking on Google Earth will help you understand. into the simulator: we are fully able to simulate this via ADE and the developer was precisely going in this direction, but just made a very little mistake, which is my point here: the angle of two of the four glideslope antennas of the northwest runway system it's not supposed to be changeable by any kind of developer configurator application, I don't know what are you talking about. It's supposed to be all 4 system working together, anytime, each one on its own frequency
  7. Yes, I did it here, mannualy correcting this file for me. My point on this topic is to spread this fact so the developer can fix for everybody. Best regards. Thank you!
  8. ProductCode=1923 ProductName=Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Professional Version=0110
  9. Hello, You did a great job creating all 4 ILS systems around runway 07L/25R, two for each direction, but you did not set the AFX file properly to match the unique reason why Frankfurt has two ILS for 07L and another two for 25R. The difference is in the glideslope angle, one ILS of each approach uses a 3.2º path while the other uses a standard 3.0º path. All four systems are using a 3.0º angle. Please, take note of this to your next update. Congrats for the scenery. Regards, Marcelo Monteiro
  10. Hello, I have a few issues to report after my first partial flight (LSZH32 to EHAM). P3D v4.5 hf2 + A330 v1.004 1. during rollout, before v1, the aircraft suddenly accelerated to 400IAS over the runway so I took off as a rocket 2. copilot repeat items more than one time per second, sometimes you're just flying the aircraft (i.e. initial climb) and she is crazy calling "exterior lights, exterior lights, exterior lights...." she must be patient and wait at least 10 seconds to repeat something like this 3. flight director is anxious/impatient; during climb phase after 10.000ft, target speed 308IAS, if the airspeed goes just one knot above target speed for a little while, the horizontal bar goes up rapidly asking for a sudden pitch up movement; it must be softer 4. just "levelled off" (FL180) at this very moment I write, the FMA is set to 18,000, the aircraft continues climbing with something like 400ft/min, speed is 340 (by FMS), then I input 260knots on the FMA pulling the knob and rotating leftwards, but the aircraft doens't deccelerated as expected (the thrust remained exactly the same and the aircraft continued to hold FMS desired speed (340); 5. so, I tried to mannualy reduce thrust to make the aircraft reduce to 260 as desired, and just that way the aircraft stopped climb above FMA 18,000 altitude (at this time, almost reaching 19,000) 6. moving throttles foward to CLB detent again, the aircraft accelerated to FMS speed (340), ignoring the fact that on the FMA the speed knob is still pulled out (not showing the FMS dot) and presenting a lower speed 7. at this time, changing cameras I found out the gear was still down, while the lever was up and the lights were green and red (UNLK) simultaneously; I reduced speed and pressed G key to bring it up, but the lever went down and the red speed tape came from 350kt to 250kt (which leads me to conclude that the aircraft thought the landing gear was already up, despite visually down, as the red speed tape was over 340kt until I pressed G bringing down the lever); after a second G press, the lever came up, the lights are all on (green arrows and red UNLK signs), the gear is visually down and the red speed tape is over 350kt - as supposed to be with gear up) 8. now I'm ending simulation, because the aircraft is not flyable under these circumstances Regards, Marcelo Monteiro
  11. Yes, it's being executed from inside SODE folder, which is inside EGLL main folder as you can see in the image. C:\windows\system32 is the folder where cmd.exe application is located. I just found the reason. If I right-click batch file and run it as administrator, cmd.exe considers his own folder (\system32) and do not proceed correctly. When running directly (double-clicking) everything works fine. One of those things we cannot understand why. Thanks and regards
  12. Looks like there is something wrong with the batch routine. I got multiple errors (translating to english: "system was not able to find the specified file", "system was not able to find the specified path"), but in the end it is saying "SODE Jetways activated". In the first moment I did not paid attention to those errors messages and believed SODE was correct installed, based on that final message. Now I deleted/copied all those files mannualy. It was placed into the add-on main folder and run within administrator rights.
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