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  1. Sorry for the late response, but I was able to finally sit down and troubleshoot on my end. As far as the updater, no, I did not have it set to run as admin (new Windows 10 install and I forgot about that). But, that is now set. I uninstalled the A330, reinstalled, updated to problem. Fuel amount was showing an extra 2 tons versus what I set in the planner and the fuel loading light kept blinking. I uninstalled again and this time, I removed the A330.xml file from the fuel planner/aircraft data folder. Reinstalled and tested with version and fuel was set correctly
  2. I updated to tonight and noticed an issue. I used the fuel planner to prepare for a flight. For example, it generated a fuel value of 22 tons. I loaded the plane, entered the fuel page and initiated load sheet. The cargo, passenger values and fuel populated. But, when hitting "load instantly, " the amount of fuel loaded onto the aircraft was approximately 2 tons more than it should be. The FOB on the upper ECAM shows the additional fuel vs. what was generated in the fuel planner. Thanks in advance for any response or observations.
  3. Thanks for the response..I appreciate it and I know the team is working hard. Yes, I used a combination of V/S and open descent last night on VATSIM and it seemed to work pretty well (which like you said, is something used regularly in controlled airspace). Looking forward to updated releases as well as adding the A330 to my hangar...I, along with the rest of the community, want to see these products succeed!
  4. I've recently re-installed the A320/A321 Professional Package to see how things have progressed with regards to the "managed descent" phase of flight. A fresh install was performed and updated to via the updater. I've completed three flights with the A321 and each has shown the same general behavior when beginning descent for the arrival. The aircraft was loaded via the fuel/payload manager and the MCDU was set up properly with a flight plan, weights, departure and the aircraft behaved as to be expected during the ascent to cruise altitude. When preparing for descent, the normal pr
  5. I just installed 1.03, followed the directions on page 1, and while the airport looks correct, I have the weird crash issue above both ends of the runway. Just FYI...........using FSX.
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