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  1. Mr. Hartmann, I just completed a flight with the CRJ700 version 1.0.3 and it performed flawlessly. The CRJ followed the flight plan route and the LNAV functions are greatly improved. The so called "bank stutter" was nonexistent. I believe this must be related to the new changes to the autopilot code. Thanks very much, I can tell by reading the forums you have been hard at work. Sheldon
  2. I am experiencing the same issue. I have been following the "Impossible To Follow the route" thread as I've also had issues with the CRJ's LNAV execution. Given Mr. Hartmann's recent post, in that thread, a new installer will be issued in a day or two. I'm hoping BOTH of these issues are resolved. Sheldon
  3. Tom, and to those following this thread, it appears I have fixed the problem. Most sounds returned after the re-install of the Airbus, but not all, specifically the altitude call-outs and retard. Since the wav files were located in the proper folders and would play when clicked I reasoned it had to be my system that was causing the problem. I don't have an exact solution but after messing with my sound settings inside FSX and my motherboards sound settings the remaining sounds are now heard thru the sim. Its a strange issue because to the best of my knowledge I do not change ANY of these settings prior to the issue arising. Since the very first day, of the Aerosoft Airbus install, all sounds played without error. The only thing that was changed to my system, and specifically to FSX, was the install of a few sceneries and the Aerosoft CRJ. As I said it appears all is working now and I can once again enjoy an excellent aircraft. My appreciation to Tom A320 for his assistance. Sheldon
  4. Hello Tom, I have made two test flights after re-installing the Airbus and some sounds have returned, specifically the NAV, Beacon etc light "click" sound. I still do not hear the rumble spoiler wav sound when the spoiler is deployed. I also am still not hearing the altitude callouts, IE 2500, 100, 100, 50 etc or the retard sound. Sheldon
  5. Tom, My apologies, when I read the topic I got stuck on the " Typically, reinstalling the software does not in of itself resolve problems, " and inferred that I shouldn't re-install. I will re-install the Airbus and see if that corrects the problem. Thank you for your quick response. Sheldon
  6. I am having a problem of losing some sounds on all models of the Aerosoft Airbus. This problem is a recent one and before this all sounds worked. I did not make any changes inside the sim or thru the right MCDU. The only changes I have made are installing some newly purchased scenery. I did work thru the "If you have problems with the Airbus ... Do This!" thread. My Microsoft C++ Redistributable's are up to date and I also ran the .Net Repair Tool. I have NOT tried re-installing the Airbus. The problem that is occuring happens when I deploy the spoiler on descent late into the flight. This cause's no sound from the spoiler, the wav file does not play. Once the spoiler is deployed other sounds that did work do not now. I lose light click sounds (ie. Beacon, Nav etc) and also the 2500, 500, 100 etc feet callouts. In addition the 20ft retard sound does not play. Pressing and recycling the sound via the "Q" keystroke does not cure the problem. I believe I am losing other sounds as well. My flight sim is FSX (Boxed), operating system is Windows 7 and the Airbus is version 1.31. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer. Would a RE-Install of the Airbus be in order? Sheldon
  7. I visit the forum to gain info about new products but I rarely post. But an exception is needed here ..... 84,47% you say ..... I was thinking more like 78.32% so I'm thrilled!! Keep up the great work. Sheldon "Bill' Williams
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