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  1. For everyone flying in Brazil: http://www.ieav.cta.br/geointeligencia/EGI...aico_egi_s.php# Choose your type of chart (TPC, ONC, WAC, ...) and then the region in the mosaic map. It will download a jpeg 1x1 degree, very easy to calibrate in FSMap. Cheers, Sérgio
  2. This is a BEAUTIFUL livery: http://www.seaborneairlines.com They operate in the Caribbean. And their logo is awesome! There are great shots under corporate/press media. There were also an article about them, with great pictures, in Feb 2006 AOPA's Pilot Magazine. Cheers, Sergio
  3. Wow, heavy artillery here! I'm beaten, fair and square! I already have your Flight Calculator, thanks, and use it a lot on my second computer, networked (where I run FSMap and gazillions of other things ). In fact, I have tons of Aerosoft products, always the best in quality and development speed (a MAJOR factor when FSX is considered: you always have something new for us happy FSX simmers! The others will have to catch up some day, or will have to stick to FSX when we go for FSXI...) Anyway, thanks a lot for considering the DME. I know that I have options (and you've made your point )
  4. Sorry, Mathjis, could not find a DME in the advanced panel. It has a GPS, and of course it can be used as a DME but it`d be very awkward and won`t have the same flexibility. I was looking for a plain vanilla DME, one you can easily switch between two sources during complicated non-precision approaches without messing with GPS waypoints and the like. I can add one as a 2D panel, but it would be nice to have it on the VC. This one is hard to edit (to my knowledge), because the coordinates are hardcoded on the .cab files. Anyway, thanks again for this fantastic bird. I am using a simple sto
  5. Wow, thanks Christoph! I know there are other objects with transparencies, but the trees are the most prominent ones and they really spoil the scenery. I can live with the others while waiting for the update. Best regards, Sergio
  6. Mathijs, I love this plane, waited eagerly for it and you did an awesome job, thanks! This is the perfect bird for non precision approaches, so I don't miss the glideslope needle. But I do miss a DME, for those beautiful VOR DME and NDB DME procedures on remote airfields, always challenging and fun to execute well. Without a DME, we need to keep times, but the clock misses a seconds hand. I could add the default DME to the VC, but (i) it's awfully odd and (ii) the panel is hardcoded so it is not easily editable. Could you consider adding a chronometer (or a better clock, that beaut
  7. Buying as fast as I can! :D Mathijs, I remember something about the float version being too ugly. Well, looks like it found its way to the advertising front page... Best regards, Sergio PD: Before I forgot to say so, I love your products, top notch, must've spent tons of euros with you by now. And, as a quick remark, the combination of Scenery Germany (any number) with FSMap is one of the most amazing experience I had in many years of simming! Now, "me wants" the same in FSX, so, PLEASE, accelerate "German Airfields" 2-8 and make them compatible with SP2!!
  8. Great news, Cristoph . Take your time, I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Meanwhile, is there any way to get rid of the opaque trees? I mean, are they on a separate bgl file that I can disable? Or is it possible to have a hotfix with the scenery compiled without the trees, while we wait for the final update? Best regards, Sérgio
  9. Thanks, it is good to know why this happens. Better would be to have it fixed I'll wait. Congratulations on the scenery, it is awesome! Top notch, as every Aerosoft's product (I have spent tons of money with you!). Best regards, Sérgio.
  10. There is some problem with the trees in GA9. My system: Pquad 2.4 4Gb, nVidia 8800 Ultra, DX 9, default FSX Accel (no tweaks or modifications). Cheers, Sérgio Quadros
  11. Here are the shots, taken at Borkum, N53° 35', E6° 41'
  12. I have both installed, German Landmarks X and GA 1, and I have duplicated objects in Borkum (two of each lighthouses and two towers in the city). The GA 1 manual states that the objects will merge, the higher resolution been displayed, as long as GA 1 stays on top of GL. Well, they didn't merge, I can see them both and I guess it will be the case in the other islands. Am I missing something? Best regards, Sérgio Quadros
  13. Hi folks, I bought Budapest 2007 and found it so amazing that ended buying a lot more of your sceneries . Now I've read in the manual for Scenery Germany 3 that there is a correct order to install the bundles, including Germany Airports. I remember that some installers asked if I had other sceneries installed, so I wonder if they now manage it automatically. Do we still have to install in the right order? I have SG1, 2, 3 and Bremen, GA1 and 3, and MA Frankfurt. Any advice? Congrats on the amazing sceneries and airports, they made me go back to FS9 and enjoy it big time! Cheers, S
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