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  1. Just to update this. I added to the first repaints the missing pictures. If i am not mistaken it was Air Jamaica EXPRESS And OMR. Picture Added Regards Keith
  2. mathijs.kok Please check your Email. Email sent. Thanks Keith
  3. Good day Mathijs Kok . I was reading on one of the page's that you are still looking for some pilots to test out the otter. I am a captain on the twin otter and fly for a small cargo company based out of Toronto, and have 3000 hours under my belt. I was woundering i have time at night to do some Beta testing and would like to help out with some of my knowlege. Will you please consider me on part of your team. Thanks again . My system is an AMD XF6100 Video card is ATI 4650 8 gig of ram 24'' Acer Monitor. And Window's 7 / 64 bit
  4. Thanks very much for the quick reply Mathijs Kok . Sure can't wait credit card in hand Thanks again Keith
  5. I was woundering how far away are we looking for a release of Fairbanks? sure can't wait... And will you be doing Juneau Alaska to continue the main ALASKAIN AIRPORTS? Thanks Keith
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