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  1. So it seems that this may be an issue with the encoding of the add-ons.cfg file. See here FWIW I'm using Lorby's Add-on Organiser so mabye that tool is messing with the encoding too.
  2. Same here, totally borks my add-ons.cfg file. Fortunately I had a backup in place...
  3. I updated to and still had all the same issues, double jetways (SODE + non-SODE), SODE errors at launch and default terminal buildings bleeding through the airport (probably due to an incorrect exclude file). I removed the XML and SimObjects from my 12bPilot\Sode folder and manually copied the ones from the Genf folders in there - SODE errors at P3D start-up fixed! But I still have dual jetways and default terminal buildings, and the configurator still does not work.
  4. Also it would seem that the configurator is not honouring the settings when saved. I enabled SODE but the BGLs in the scenery folder are still named .off
  5. Hi, Just installed the updated LSGG for P3Dv5 and having this at P3D startup - it's due to multiple SimObjects used by SODE having the same identifiers. Thread information regarding this issue here: Just tthought I'd make you aware Cheers Daniel
  6. Version 1.0.0


    CRJ700 in the Delta Connection livery circa 2018. This aircraft N641CA (line number 10122) is operated by SkyWest Airlines. Made using the official Aerosoft repaint kit. Can be installed using the CRJ Livery Manager - instructions are included in the download. Many thanks to @Tavers for allowing the usage of his spec and alpha maps.
  7. Thanks for confirming this is an issue guys. @Hans Hartmann just for information do you have any idea on an ETA when Stefan will be back? I find that if I click the power button on the EFB after pressing a button in the VC it helps as any subsequent click anywhere won't toggle what you clicked before doing that so maybe you did something similar 20 mins into the flight?
  8. Hello Hans/Aerosoft support, I recently did a complete OS reinstall and decided to install a fresh installation of P3D v4.4. I installed the CRJ and ran the Aerosoft Update which brought my aircraft up to I have noticed a very strange issue with the VC in that when a button is clicked it will toggle again when clicking on anything other than another button or itself in the VC. I recorded a video demonstrating what I mean by this. In this example, I set the captain PFD to use mbar vs inches - you can see me select the correct button on the panel and it works as intended, however when I click on it again and then click in a completely different spot (not on any button) it still toggles that last clicked button? I did the same for the terrain/WX radar option on the ND and the VS and NAV buttons on the autopilot panel. See attached a video demonstrating this. Sorry for the low FPS in the video - it's due to the encoding and software I used. I tried it with and without ChasePlane and the result is the same. Other 3rd party aircraft do not exhibit this behaviour. Is this something you can reproduce and fix? Regards, Daniel ASCRJ bug.mp4
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Sharklet A320 ZK-OXG in Air New Zealand's fern livery. 32-bit DDS textures.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    ZK-OJM in Air New Zealand's new standard fern livery. 32-bit DDS textures.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    ZK-OAB in Air New Zealand's new livery. This aircraft previously sported the "Crazy About Rugby" All Blacks livery and has since been repainted into the black variation of ANZ's new brand. 32-bit DDS textures.
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