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  1. thank you Russ screens of the actual final version:
  2. well here is the link to the repaint: http://simviation.com/1/download-file?file=USMC_VMO1_LIZARD_CAMO_OV-10A.zip
  3. Hello there the texture is on upload actually on SIMVIATION just watch the FSX>payware category in the next hours where it should be available. new pilots faces have been added woodland ACBDU, SV-2B and MA- torso Harness and camo tape on helmets added too David
  4. for the ones who didn't find: they are in the OV10A_xxxxx_EXTAILBOOMRIGHT_C.DDS (where xxxxx is airforce /marines)
  5. The repaint is online http://simviation.com/1/download-file?file=PAF_OV-10C.zip&fileId=39763 Enjoy
  6. Hello there (Bonjour Olivier ) I'm still working on it, especially on the pilots: -new asian faces -darker helmet (seem to be dark green or grey depending of pics I found) -new flight suit (close to Olive Drab) with Philipinne flag -SV-2B survival vest under the flight suit and a few minor details I hope the repaint to be uploaded within the end of the week (I'm off on next friday with all the day to work on the OV-10 repaints I'm doing) and the Camo PAF bird is on the way....
  7. I started working on USAF ones a grey overall from OSAN Air Base, Korea , 51st Composite Wing with an unusual white walkway on the wing : real one: repaint: a wrap-around European camo one, 19th TASS, 602nd TACW, George AFB, real one: repaint: sligthly modified pilots, accurate radio call tag into the cockpit, all DDS provided for all 3D models ( FAC/CAS/LR etc...) I will try to upload the whole repaints (USAF, USMC, Philippines AF) later today or before the end of the week (usually I upload my repaints
  8. what do you mean by "no special effects" ??? you mean a brand new white fresh painted one ????????
  9. you are right: SV-2 for Navy and USMC pilots with the LPU-10 or 21 ( I have one Helo crew converted SV-2 with an attached LPU-21) the SRU-21 was used by USAF crewmans. and as you said, all is about individual preferences in FSX, but I can see both of us seem to like our repaints to be the most accurate ones as it is possible. as I said before, great job you did on your several repaints (I was planed to do also but now I guess I will let the USMC ones I planed to do and give priority to the USAF ones I planed to do too) thank you for the kind informations you gave. It's always an
  10. here is a picture "before" it was "converted into a D" (like we can read on the link you sent) as you can see my pattern is NOT exactly the same, mostly inspired by D's pictures I found on the web as it is hard to guess the exact camo pattern with only one picture. for now, my camo is "almost new", not hardly weathered as we can see on the picture. maybe I'll let it this way, maybe it will be weathered . I don't really know for now. as you can see, there is a mix on the plane with "usual" stencils and markings and "camo inverted" ones... so you might be right about the walkway to
  11. Hello OV-10A USMC VMO-1 155447 in a wrap around european camo with flares dispensers added (on the texture and on the bump dds) next step before uploading : woodland camo suit and helmets for the pilots.... David Rsoftokz
  12. Hello DDeuce Yes I saw the camo one, I guess I'll do it also in a few times I'm looking for all the pictures I can find on the web to have the camo pattern I'm ending for now a 3 colors wraparound european camo on a VMO-1 OV-10A (55447) with camouflaged markings and stencils... the PAF Grey one is fixed,according to the following picture. I hope to be able to upload it in a few hours with screens... I have a lot of repaints on work and I need to end them before I'll give more time to the Bronco X David "Rsoftokz"
  13. rsoftokz


    great ! I'm also working on it.... with low viz markings and stencils
  14. thank you it needs shorten shark mouth, higher PAF insignia station on tail boom and lower serial number... just a quick fix to do... a longuer work will be to modify pilots suits to match PAF ones. and it also needs a new "model" with 4 blades propellers but I can't fix it..... need to wait for other models from Aerosoft.
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