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  1. Hello, I check and I only see an AFD folder and it is added. Can you tell me the exact path for the AFS folder you mention? Thanks,
  2. I've been having problems when taxing around Helgoland in FSX. There seems to be about a 3 foot invisable ledge between the runways and taxiways to the parking area. Hitting these usually causes the plane to crash. It seems like im missing a flatten file or something. Any thoughts? I have the following installed. Accel and sp2 VFR Germany 2 German airfields 1, 2, 3 Ultimate terrain x for europe Thanks in advance Scott
  3. I was wondering if the D0-27 manual is available as a seperate down load. I purchased it today but I'm not home to install it and would like to print out the manual while here at work. thanks
  4. Well, suprise suprise... Holgar is right again! Thank you very much (again).
  5. Thanks for the response Holger, I'll re-install FD and give that a try this afternoon. Thanks, wurger
  6. I know your probably busy but... Any word on this: http://forum.aerosoft-shop.com/viewtopic.php?t=6416 Thanks Wurger,
  7. Anyone, I was wondering if there is any news on making UT Canada/AK fully compatible with Freight Dogs - the Scenery? When there is a conflict, how does it get resolved? Is it an Aerosoft problem that FD is not compatible with UT or the other way around? Either way, the products should note the incompatibility. I would have saved my money until there was a fix out. I think the FD scenery is outstanding and would really like to use it but not with double coastlines everywhere north of Wrangle. I have Misty, UT -Can/AK, Holgars BC enhancements, FS gen mesh, Vancover+, and Holgars Vancov
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