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  1. Great to see something like this for FS-X. I hope there will be more devices in the future. The idea isn't new. In X-Plane I use the EFIS app (http://www.x-plane.com/pg_EFIS_App_for_iPad.html). If you buy 2 iPads and EFIS app you get an easy small aircraft glass cockpit. X-Plane also has AirTrack which will give you a MCP, PFD and a FMC. Maybe Aerosoft can help develop a FS-X interface for AirTrack their app will give you an airliner glass cockpit on the iPad (http://air.ipobjects.com/products/airtrack). It looks like iPads will be great for SimPitt builders. Its a lot cheaper than buying all those purpose build instruments and the iPad has many other uses!
  2. Got it solved myself in the end. I had a fresh install of FS-X acceleration and I'm pretty sure that I downloaded a fresh FSUIPC. I checked the version number and it was version 4.57. I now upgraded to FSUIPC 4.60a and the panel config corresponds with the Tutorial. Maybe there should be a sticky with a link to the recommended FSUIPC in the forum? I'm off to Heathrow.
  3. I'm trying to do the tutorial flight. I did all the neccesary preperations. (install FSUIPC, copy files to the FS-X folder) but the panel is in another state then the tutorial describes. I can use the setup utility to select the 1st option (Cold & Dark cockpit) or 2nd option the 3rd and 4th option are not selectable. Is there anything wrong with my install? I use the latest version of the A300 and FS-X Acceleration on Windows 7 64bit (Dutch version).
  4. The next part of our rebuild will give the IFDG A320 the same flight model as the Eurowings A320. The IFDG already has a good airfile but the Eurowings panel is made to fly with the Eurowings airfile so in my opinion its beter this way. First backup the Aircraft.cfg file from the IFDG A320 Copy A320_2k4v4.9.air from Eurowings A320 to IFDG A320. Open the IFDG Aircraft.cfg (I use notepad for this). Find the part that says sim=Airbus320-200IAE and change it to sim=A320_2k4v4.9 Scroll down you will see different headers between square brachets remove everything but the following sections (leave the headers and all text below it alone) (fltsim.0) (lights) (smokesystem) (effects) (contact_points) (Flaps.0) (Flaps.1) (Views) (Exits) Rename (Flaps.0) to (Flaps.2) and move this section behind (Flaps.1) Make a new (Flaps.0) section. Fill it with (Flaps.0) type=1 span-outboard = 0.8 extending-time = 14 flaps-position.0 = 0.0 flaps-position.1 = 5.0 flaps-position.2 = 10.0 flaps-position.3 = 15.0 flaps-position.4 = 20.0 flaps-position.5 = 35.0 damaging-speed = 233.0 blowout-speed = 250.0 lift_scalar = 0.001 drag_scalar = 0.001 pitch_scalar = 0.001 system_type = 1 This is lifted from the Eurowings A320 (flaps.0) but the scalar levels are changed. Now use al the saved sections from your IFDG aircraft.cfg and paste them over all their namesakes in a fresh Eurowings A320 aircraft.cfg the result is your new IFDG aircraft.cfg If you are neat enough and don't make mistakes your merge will have Eurowings airfiles and the flap indications on the panel are making sense again... I learned the flaps.0 trick from Bob Scott he used it first in his PPS IFDG merge.
  5. You would need to install the full IFDG aircraft not just the textures. So for example you would install the IFDG JetBlue A320 http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=...&CatID=Root After installation you copy the panel.cfg from the "Airbus A320 Eurowings Pro/Panel" folder to the panel folder of the IFDG A320 you just installed. If you 'd liked the beter Eurowing sounds you could also copy the sound.cfg from the "Airbus A320 Eurowings Pro/Sound.iae" folder to the IFDG A320/Sound folder. By copying these 2 files you can make a first basic IFDG / Eurowings Pro mixed aircraft. If you like how it works we can take it a little further via hand editing some of the files. (adjusting flap animations and flight characteristics). But thats harder to do.
  6. I would like to buy it from the Aerosoft shop so please guys get the shop ready and prepare far an invasion ;-) UPDATE You can get it from Aerosoft if you use the German part of the site. Downloading now....
  7. Hello Mannyrivera, I don't know of any repaints of the Eurowings airbus but I'd suggest you use the IFDG Airbus. You can aliase it to use the Eurowings panel. The IFDG bus has many repaints and the model is even beter then the Eurowings one. http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=...&CatID=Root If you need help with the aliasing let me know. I will try to help
  8. The Eurowings package had a seperate support forum you can find some info about your problem here http://www.digital-aviation.de/ewpforum/viewtopic.php?t=907
  9. Hi Andreas, I tried it again and it worked without problems. Thanks for the support. Have fun watching the soccer match later today.
  10. I saw the Coast Guard add-on available in the new Shop. Even spotted the pay via PayPal option (YES!). But when trying to buy the addon I get a message from PayPal that 'this merchant is not ready to recieve funds'. Come on guys I know you DO want my money ;-) Kidding asside I can wait a little longer so your tech and commercial guys can sort it all out. Very happy when the new shop and the PayPal options will be available though.... Don't know if you need it but I included the errorscreen here
  11. Hallo Mathijs, I'm very happy to hear this news. I hope you get the sales you deserve. This is a refreshing change in an industry that in my opinion is spoiled by the distrust you sometimes have to put up with as a legal customer. Its now looking very likely that next time I won't wait until the boxed product is out. I hope you will get a pay via Paypal option in the new shop. Its okay for me to buy via simmarket but I feel you guys should get the full benefit off a sale.
  12. You can get the aerosoft products at www.simmarket.com they support paypal.
  13. My favourite is: Eurowings 2004 (CD version) I have: German Airports 1 German Airports 4 Scenery Germany 1 Scenery Germany 2 Scenery Germany 3 Canary Islands PMDG 737 (600/700) Freight Dogs (first online title the rest are CD's) and of course Eurowings 2004
  14. Hi Holger, Looking back at my Engrish there are a lot of things besides batchfiles I'd beter not fidle with today. (one of those days) Thanks for looking into this. My current 'solution' does seem to work but then again I can't see wat I'm missing with the disabled Misty settings. Greetings, Harry
  15. Thank for the link Shaun, I missed that post (only searched for the keyword Ultimate). I tried to see what I could do with Holgers the patchfiles for Misty but it looks like that one is only usefull for those that have a full misty fjords version (not yet :cry: ). The files causing the problem seem to be HP913120a.bgl and HP913120b.bgl. To be on the sure side I also disabled the HP912110a.bgl and HP912110b.bgl. Not sure if those last ones create any trouble here Holgers UT patch does have a 0_UT_HL913120.bgl but I'm not sure where to put it and what to disable. Holgers batches do a lot of things with files that have the HL913120 name in them. I would not to do another install of UT Canada/Alaska again as it takes lots of time to do. Greetings Harry
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