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  1. Version is the only one available to me in my instant download section. How do I download
  2. I was flying the A319 tonight and had a speed issue on takeoff. Advanced the throttles to Flex and lifted off the ground. The speed stayed right around 140 and the plane began to stall. I recovered by moving the throttles to TOGA and lowering the nose. Which was an interesting save, as that normally doesn't work. The plane just crashes. I love flying the Airbuses, but this problem makes me want to just put her in the hangar and forget it. Or, buy the other A320 product. I hope there's a solution very soon....
  3. I, too, am having speed issues with version So, how does one "turn on logging." And then, where do I find these logs to view afterwards? Just an aside question, when the bus hits the top of climb, is the indication on the ECAM supposed to turn from "CLB" to "CRZ?" Or, is that just an indication of the throttle detent setting? Thanks!
  4. Thank you so much. That makes sense! I'll give it a try!
  5. I just started using the HOTAS Warthog throttle quadrant. The first time using it on the CRJ-900, it seemed the plane was idling too high and so the taxi speeds were excessive. After reading the forums, I am to understand that normal idle is 21% of N1. Well, idling on my plane was at 33% of N1. How do I get it back to 21%? The throttle quadrant has been calibrated though P3DV4 and not FSUIPC. Thanks!
  6. I'm getting dark textures in half the cockpit.
  7. I have the P3D V4 version of this airport. Every time I park a plane at a gate, I get the message that the plane has to be in an airport parking position for the jetway to work. Now, I would think that would have to do with an AFCAD issue. And there is an earlier thread with the same problem, only it was a conflict with MyTraffic. I don't have MyTraffic. And I did a search for duplicate AFCADS for EDDT and I didn't find any. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  8. Will Aerosoft be sunseting AES and integrating SODE into past, present and future products?
  9. I was able to get the handicapped person on the bus fine. But, when I reached the stop that he wanted to get off at, I couldn't get the wheelchair over to the exit. He just wouldn't move. How do I get this person off the bus?
  10. How do you turn on/off the warning lights on the tow truck?
  11. I have the same problem with a virus and it looks like I'm going to have to re-install my OS. So, I am in the process of backing up files. What is the best way to backup AES, so that once I re-install FS, AES will recognize all my credits and airports?
  12. Since the development of AES (which I love), it seems that developers are no longer willing to include their own active gate docking systems for FS9 scenery. Is it because they want us to spend more money by buying AES credits? I don’t know, but I have some examples of how that may just be the case. I bought the Sim-wings EGLL package, which I think is just amazing. I would say I spent about $30 on it. Only when I had it installed, I realized that in order to get the piers to dock, I had to purchase AES. That was my introduction to this wonderful program. But, I spent $22 on those initial credits. So, I now have the fully functional EGLL add-on for $52! How many mega-airports am I willing to pay that much money for? Guess what? Not many! Especially when Sim-wings have their own active gate technology. It came with the Paris-De Gaulle airport package, before AES was created. So, why couldn’t they use it with EGLL? I’m sure the technology could have been updated. FSDT is certainly putting out their own high quality airports. None of them have docking gates, unless you purchase AES credits. Now, I may be a little off on my facts here, so please correct me if I’m wrong. But, I understand that FSDT is a descendant from Cloud 9? And Cloud 9 has active docking technology. See where I’m going here? And finally there’s Imaginesim, who has included an active docking system for every one of their airports…until now. I noticed that it is conspicuously absent from their new KIAD package. I consider myself a purist. That means if the piers don’t dock, then what’s the point of buying the airport? And if I have to purchase AES credits, on top of the already $30 plus dollars, then what’s the point in buying the airport? I’m sure there will be the argument that the migration to FSX has already moved forward, so we should feel lucky to even get an FS9 version. But, and this is just one man’s opinion; I feel that FSX is turning out to be the new FS2000. Meaning it’s just a marginal stepping stone to the next big version. And considering that Microsoft has all but shut down the Flightsim division, there is going to be a long wait for the next FS. So, FS9 still has a lot of life left yet! I’m not knocking anyone’s sceneries. I love them all! I wish I could have them all! However, I am questioning the development and pricing philosophies more than anything. And, I am wondering just how much people are willing to pay now for fully functional airport add-ons? Any thoughts would be most welcome. Discuss…. Note: this has been posted to a number of forums.
  13. I've been out of town for a few days, but I wanted to let you know that everyhting seems to be working fine. Thanks for your help!
  14. Okay, it looks like KDEN is working fine with this new patch. Thanks! However, KLGA is not working. The air bridges do not move into the aircraft door. However, everything else moves in fine. I have installed 1.99a.
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