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  1. Every time I try and load any CRJ, P3DV4.5 freezes up and gives me the notification that the program has stopped working. I reviewed it in the Windows Event viewer and it has something to kernalbase.dll. The planes will not ,load at all. I'm running Windows 7. Thanks!
  2. The insertion tool worked! Thank you for your help!
  3. I'll look into this with ORBX. But, why can't I move LHR above the ORBX products in the scenery library? It's locked in a position below them.
  4. I have LHR installed, along with England Region, True Earth GB South, GB Libraries and Open LC Europe, from ORBX, all installed as well. This is what I get. I have disabled some ORBX BGL files. But, the ORBX files are all above LHR in the scenery library. And I can't move LHR above the ORBX files. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  5. I cannot find the A330 folder in SimObject/Airplanes. Is there another location where that folder might be?
  6. Version is the only one available to me in my instant download section. How do I download
  7. I was flying the A319 tonight and had a speed issue on takeoff. Advanced the throttles to Flex and lifted off the ground. The speed stayed right around 140 and the plane began to stall. I recovered by moving the throttles to TOGA and lowering the nose. Which was an interesting save, as that normally doesn't work. The plane just crashes. I love flying the Airbuses, but this problem makes me want to just put her in the hangar and forget it. Or, buy the other A320 product. I hope there's a solution very soon....
  8. I, too, am having speed issues with version So, how does one "turn on logging." And then, where do I find these logs to view afterwards? Just an aside question, when the bus hits the top of climb, is the indication on the ECAM supposed to turn from "CLB" to "CRZ?" Or, is that just an indication of the throttle detent setting? Thanks!
  9. I'm getting dark textures in half the cockpit.
  10. Will Aerosoft be sunseting AES and integrating SODE into past, present and future products?
  11. I was able to get the handicapped person on the bus fine. But, when I reached the stop that he wanted to get off at, I couldn't get the wheelchair over to the exit. He just wouldn't move. How do I get this person off the bus?
  12. How do you turn on/off the warning lights on the tow truck?
  13. I have the same problem with a virus and it looks like I'm going to have to re-install my OS. So, I am in the process of backing up files. What is the best way to backup AES, so that once I re-install FS, AES will recognize all my credits and airports?
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