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  1. Version

    I have entered your flight plan and can confirm this strange FL calculation for the CRJ900 and CRJ1000.
    All FL entries above FL370 (FL380, FL400) result in a display of FL370.
    However, lower FL (FL360) are displayed correctly in the flight plan.

    Strangely enough, this behaviour is not observed with the CRJ700. There you can find an FL380 input also in the flight plan.


    Your AIRAC is already obsolete. The L729 no longer exists in the current AIRAC.


    To exclude that this error only happens at this airfield, I have also created a route from EDDF and also there all FL above FL370 are displayed incorrectly in the flight plan.
    Until FL360 it looks normal.

    Are you shure that you are on the latest CRJ version?



  2. Affects only the CRJPro in P3Dv5 HF2


    Has anyone observed that the ILS approaches of the autopilot (APP mode) have become worse than in P3Dv4?
    I now had the problem on almost every approach that the CRJ swings vertically up and down around the glideslope the closer you get to the runway, so I had to switch off the AP and fly the rest manually.
    Horizontally the sway is the same as in P3Dv4.





  3. This is not the normal behaviour of the CRJs.

    In which phase of the flight does it happen (departure on a SID, Cruise or in somewhat else)?

    What I could observe is that the CRJ overshoots a waypoint when the Departure SID contains sharp turns and you fly at too high a speed.
    Then the CRJ tries to come back on course with 180 degrees. 
    During a normal cruise phase I have never seen this before.



  4. vor 27 Minuten, utexgrad sagte:

    However, if I select another aircraft first, wait for the sim to load, then pick the CRJ after the airport is loaded, all is fine. 


    This is the way you should always start the CRJ´s in P3D.

    In V5 till now no CTD´s happens to me but only 4 flights.



  5. ActiveSky Beta6 for V5 is still in beta and since its use I have had CTD's related to it several times. 
    Three recurring different error messages -kernelbase.dll, ntdll.dll and the other one I forgot 🙂


    It's remarkable that such CTD's only occur since the use with ASv5 beta, but AS never appears in the bug report.

    Windows and P3D are completely new installed.



  6. vor 26 Minuten, Hanse sagte:

    But if you do not care what is going on in RL, want to do in parallel other things while the CL is running


    I am horrified Rolf how my statements can be so deliberately misinterpreted.

    I would not have expected this from you, I know the checklists are your "baby" but you should not generally devalue hints that could lead to an improvement of the product.


  7. I agree with @Terblanche that the time delays in the checklistsare far too long.
    Especially when flying online with ATC on the ground the time delays are very annoying and cost unnecessary time and attention - the constant switching is very annoying, especially when you're online, as most of us are.


    I've disabled this feature to reduce the workload.


    I find the time delays implemented in the A318/A319 checklists ideal.

    These are similar to what you can hear in various cockpit videos - short and crisp 🙂





  8. Now I've had it once too. 
    The CRJ Pro worked for months without any problems, even the last flight was finished without any error messages.
    But when I selected the CRJ Pro again today the cockpit remained dark with the yokes turned to the side. I've never had this mistake before.
    During these two days no P3D or other updates were installed - except the new AIRAC data.


    Interesting is that the old CRJ X still works fine.
    So I will also do a new Installation as suggested in another thread.





  9. Majestic developed the Q400, but is not responsible for the navigation data, which is Aerosoft with the NavDataPro, or alternatively the data from Navigraph.

    Is there anything in there with you?




    The Q400 has a unique data format.

    Use the Windows search function to find the data and in rare cases, there may be an error during the download, so just download the file again.




  10. What you are describing is the built-in pushback function of P3D. 
    In my eyes it is not usable and worse than in FSX.
    All CRJs do not have a built-in pushback function.
    Most people use GSX, UGCX (payware).
    Well, there is another way to add a freeware pushback gauge to the panel, but you need to have the knowledge to do it.



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