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  1. Long-Time supporters of Aerosoft Products deserve an investigation in any event. Thank you.
  2. First of all, I must humbly apologize for my premature comments above. I believe the issue, for me anyway, has been resolved with the help of Hans Hartmann. Please see this thread: It was a simple matter of doing a slight modification to the product xml files found in "Documents>\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products". Regards, TS
  3. OK, thanks for that, I checked all my xml's and they were prefaced with "?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>", I did not have "<". I added that to the preface and changed it to "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>". The Updater appears to be working now and looks like this: I am not sure what these two items mean: folder does not exist! *** This product will be ignored! *** : folder does not exist! *** This product will be ignored! *** Regards. TS
  4. I am with you, I would like to see this issue fixed as well. It's getting Old. Personally, I think the updater is basically a glorified reminder to update their products. It's a handy tool, if it works. But they don't really need it. All they have to do is post notification of an update in the forums, just like the old days, or I can check my account every once in a while, I can handle that. Regards, TS
  5. Not so, didn't work for me. There seems to be a slew of threads regarding this very issue and I have not found an answer to it. The Updater worked at least a month ago, and all of a sudden it stops functioning. Could it be related to the last time I updated my products? I am not sure of the date, but I have updated the Airbus Pro V5 to v1.4.0.1 and the CRJ Pro V5 to v2.2.0.0. So I dunno.
  6. I just found the following thread: So, I suppose I should have posted over there. I followed the instructions and now the updater briefly comes up and closes quickly, but I do not see this any more: : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!***
  7. Thought I would run the Updater and it shows NO Installed products on the Left side. I get 8 iterations of: : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not exist! ***this product will be ignored!*** : folder does not
  8. +... This makes it what? 7, 8 out of 1000's with this problem. Come on Aerosoft! How about a little more quality customer support for all of us LOYAL Customers throughout the years (I'm Talking big $$$). We deserve a more positive support explanation and outcome than ..."As we have three customers who see this issue and no other reports we have to conclude it is something specific on those three machines"...Maybe the other 1000's of customers, who you claim must not experience this issue, just couldn't be bothered reporting it because they lack confidence that anything can or will be done abo
  9. Thanks for that. Not a final version update then? Regards, TS
  10. Hans, thanks for the timely update! I cannot access the update from the Aerosoft Updater app. I am using Updater version, but when I click on the CRJ ProfessionaL I get the message "Installed version: "No updates available for this product!" Regards TS
  11. I will definitely be upgrading! It is a small price to pay to show support for the dedication and hard work of the often forgotten people behind the scenes. Regards TS
  12. Just to add, if it helps. I am experiencing this problem as well. I am currently doing a flight from NZQN to NZCH (not relevant I would think), but after I filled in the APPR Data into the MCDU and Activated it, that seemed to trigger the sudden N1 decrease in Managed Speed.I have to now manually Manage the speed. This may help, it may not mean anything, I just thought I would share. Regards
  13. Shaun, I did as asked. With this one file loaded I started up FSX and tried to load the iFly and I didn't notice this before, but there is no landing gear when I look at an outside view of the aircraft (iFly, the default cessna is OK). Since it is a terrain file I do not notice anything different in the scenery, the buildings and terminals are there. I cannot notice any changes to the terrain scenery.
  14. Shaun, I think I might have found something. I removed several files (about half from each of the two folders). All the files in the "Anchorage Airport" scenery folder appear to be OK. I was able to load the iFly. I started adding back the files to the "Anchorage Terrain" scenery folder and everything went fine until I replaced the "Anchoragepart4.bgl (227,974kb) file. I was not able to load the iFly properly, the guages in the 2D panel were missing as reported in my first post. Maybe there is something about this file my system or the iFly does not like. Nonetheless, my frames for the airpo
  15. Hi Shaun, do you mean from the Anchorage Airport as well as the Anchorage Terrain folders? I'm currently trying something. I've removed the AES Lite files since I do not use it anyway. If I recall I tried AES a while back and my system didn't seem to get along with it. Regards
  16. Thanks for the reply Shaun. Not overly impressive, I average 12-15fps using stock Anchorage which I have switched back to (temporarily disabled Anchorage X in library). Normally I hit my locked 35fps at high altitude less intensive areas. I have Windows XP Pro, Intel Q6600 Quad Core 2.4.ghz (Overclocked to 3.0ghz), RAM is 4GB (Physical RAM 3.2GB), and Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX 768mb. For some reason the scenery just cripples my rig. Regards
  17. I have a strange problem here. I installed Anchorage X about a week ago and have flown in and out a couple of times with no problems. But today I decided to start a flight from PANC. I started FSX as usual, with the default Cessna running at KSEA. I changed the airport to PANC, gate 6C small with the Cessna. I then attempted to load the iFly 737-900 (Alaska livery) and the 2D cockpit showed guages missing, knobs, buttons, no flight displays etc. (I have the aircraft set to start with engines running). I thought maybe it was an aircraft problem, so I closed FSX and restarted as usual. This tim
  18. OK, I got it to work. Thank you all for your input. I do appreciate the help. What I did that I wasn't doing doing before when on the base leg of my approach was to switch on "NAV HOLD" only. Before I had switched the "NAV HOLD" and "Approach HOLD" at the same time. now, as soon as NAV HOLD made the turn to the localizer and was on a fairly straight in course I switched the Approach HOLD button on so that both were lit up on the MCP. Also as Jim stated I applied the throttles when needed to hold the Glideslope Path. The approach and landing was flawless. Thanks again Shaun and everyone els
  19. I flew from EKCH - EDDF last night and attempted a landing on Runway 25R (109.50; 249 degrees). I tuned NAV1 to 109.50, which I know has changed in the RW but that's irrelevant here, and entered the course of 249. All of a sudden the aircraft started to turn away from the localizer even though I was below the glideslope with "Approach Hold" & "NAV 1 HOLD" buttons engaged. I wanted to see if maybe it was a problem with the MEGA Frankfurt scenery so I loaded up the Wilco 735 to try the same approach as the Wilco is usually pretty reliable when performing such approaches. The Wilco 735 cap
  20. Hi, I just installed FSX on my system to co-exist with my FS9. I want to install sceneries I have bought for FS9 using the FSX installers provided. I know with FS9 when I installed new scenery I would check and make sure there were no instances of duplicate AFCAD's. Do I have to do the same check when installing the sceneries into FSX? I know my way around FS9 blindfolded, but I am new to FSX and I am sure there are similarities between the two sims that I will pick up on but I am just want to make sure I am doing it right in FSX. I have many addons that can be installed now (including aircr
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