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  1. Ahh the good old "merge" technique. Probably AS wont be happy, but if it gets the job done thats what matters. Also, if it turns out to be okay, it's a lot quicker and easier than doing a new tile with ortho4xp . Thanks for the tip.
  2. What did you change? .. how did you change it?
  3. Playing the devil's advocate, they can release it the way they want...
  4. Hi there FlyAgi. I was just going to write back that I managed to get this done, just exactly as you said. The patch needs to be added to the "patches" folder in ortho4xp , and then you have to generate the tile again. This works for me now. Once you know what to do , it makes perfect sense. Thanks for answering. The video linked below gave me the hints to get it done. Let me express some concern... Maybe I am the only one who got this wrong, but the scenery is advertised in a way that it gives the impression that it comes packed with a "patch" what will make the airport compatible with any existing ortho4sc "scenery" . After all, AS released Malaga and it works like a charm with anything you throw at it. People needs to know this is NOT the same case. Only those who understand how ortho4xp works to some moderate degree will catch the meaning of "PATCH" , and, they will understand that you have to use LEMD's patch as reference file so ortho4xp will use the information packed in that file, for that specific airport, and you'll have to do the same tile again. I reckon people wont be happy knowing that they will have to either wait for SPAIN UHD to recompile 40 -004 in order to make it fully compatible with your scenery, or learn some stuff (english first thing and then ortho4xp) before they will be able to approach Madrid with some photoscenery.... IMHO, some clarification is in place: either in the webpage, or in the pdf included in the download, or the patch file (although it might be too late at this point!). And thats it, end of concern note. Thanks for the scenery.
  5. One of the files in the ortho4xp patch is an osm, does it mean we have to use it with world2xplane to somehow recompile the mesh/scenery?? Does anybody know what to do with the patch?
  6. Hi there! I got my copy from the xplane store and i have downloaded both the scenery and the 30+mbytes ortho4xp patch. Within the patch file I reckon the folders +40-010/+40-004 and two files which I assume they are the ones missing in Aerosoft - LEMD Madrid - 02 - Mesh/Patches. I assume the contents of the patch file were meant to be in that folder mentioned above, and thats where I've placed them. The scenery works without issues for as long as I dont put my orthoscenery (or UHD for that matter) on the mix. If I want to use ortho4xp, where am I supposed to copy the folders from the patch? in Aerosoft - LEMD Madrid - 02 - Mesh/Earth Nav Data? Can it be merged with the contents of the current folder? or should I rename 02 - Mesh/Earth Nav Data/+40-010/ to +40-010_old and drop the folders from the patch? Should it be placed somewhere else? should it stay as it is ? I have no idea whats the procedure. If anyone can confirm what to do , that would be great. Side note: One way to blend everything -lemd and your ortho without patch whatsoever- is forcing xplane's runways not to follow the terrain's contours, but this breaks other scenery i own, so this is not a solution. THank you. Luis.
  7. By the way, forcing the airport runways NOT TO follow the terrain contours fixes the whole thing and you can merge this scenery and the ortho4xp without issues, but that messes with orbx la palma ,, and only god knows what other airports next to the sea...
  8. Hi there, I got my copy from the xplane store, I assume there wont be a problem with that, and i got a link to both the scenery and the patch (why was it delivered like that???). Thing is, i reckon within the patch the osm and tif files missing in Aerosoft - LEMD Madrid - 02 - Mesh/ + 40-010 / + 40-004 , I assume I have to place those two files in that folder .... but then what? I still cant see my ortho4xp scenery outsite the airport's boundaries. I've placed the folders in different ways, both 01 (airport) and 02 (mesh) on the top, within that order, it doesnt work (and I think this wouldnt work anyway due to xplane's scenery hierarchy) I've placed 01 (airport) on the top of the ini file and the 02 (mesh with the patch files included) right under spanish ortho4xp scenery, doesnt work either. Did you guys compose any info on how to install this patch in the pdf or somewhere else? I cant really see it.
  9. Jizaz... that was quick. Updated it. It's all fixed. Thx a lot!
  10. Hi there. I installed La Palma's installer for p3dv5 and all fancy things seem to be there, however when I tune in the DME (BV - 112.40), I don't get any DME readings, but the "needle" on the HSI turns up. I can actually chase any radial out of BV. Thing is, BV is a DME only station. It's not a VOR, so basically the current installer is installing a navaid which has the opposite behaviour than expected. The DME BX (389.0) seems to be working fine. Once I disable the scenery from the addon list and I am in Pd3v5 vanilla, the DME works as intended. Can anyone confirm / assess it? Thank you!
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