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  1. Jizaz... that was quick. Updated it. It's all fixed. Thx a lot!
  2. Hi there. I installed La Palma's installer for p3dv5 and all fancy things seem to be there, however when I tune in the DME (BV - 112.40), I don't get any DME readings, but the "needle" on the HSI turns up. I can actually chase any radial out of BV. Thing is, BV is a DME only station. It's not a VOR, so basically the current installer is installing a navaid which has the opposite behaviour than expected. The DME BX (389.0) seems to be working fine. Once I disable the scenery from the addon list and I am in Pd3v5 vanilla, the DME works as intended. Can anyone confirm / assess it? Thank you!
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