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  1. Hi I just was taking a look around Stuttgart airport and I found a lot of things wrong from issues with the windows from the inside of the terminal to the whole inside of the terminal not aligned correctly and floating objects i have attached a few screenshots. Log.txt
  2. Download Again from the store maybe your download was corrupted and check your scenery pack ini file.
  3. I have handed them over and the taxi routes are fixed and fps a little more friendly you will see AI planes active aswell Unfortunately tho I can not say when it will be uploaded but it has been done
  4. show some pictures of what plane your using and what gate is the issue I must stress this is not My Airport tho but I will try to help you out as I am a scenery dev.
  5. I Agree but unfortunately we developers do not write the Manuel But I do agree with what your saying.
  6. Guys I just want to make sure you are also adding the Tiff into when your adding the ortho4xp tile as shown in this picture this should fix your issue.
  7. I have msg the guy at Maps2xplane who made the mesh and ortho patch to see if he has any idea what is happening.
  8. Yes this is correct I did it myself last night and it works so If this does not work then it must be the way your doing the ortho. what store did you buy the product from?
  9. No Idea from the looks of it his mistake was disable the Mesh for a start and the scenery ini needs to be in this order Airport at the top under the Airport is the Mesh then the ortho under it. I created a ortho using the same patch that came with the scenery and no issue all worked. you should also check make use your not using Spain UHD also would be worth taking a look and checking your custom scenery folder make sure no conflicting scenery's.
  10. I can help you im doing it via skype this evening if you want to Join? if you do send me a private pm
  11. Do you have a skype contact or something you can give me in a private msg it will be easy for me to help you that way?
  12. No you do not disable the Mesh in the scenery that is where you going wrong
  13. Have you got runways follow contours ticked? because i just double checked mine and its not like that.
  14. Did you get the latest Madrid 1.02? the fps was poor before this current version.
  15. we did reach out the dev's of Spain UHD and they refused to adjust there mesh in anyway and pointed out they do not work with any scenery development dev's so really the fact you don't have Spain uhd compatibility is on them and not us. see we have our own custom mesh we had to have made because of the control tower up by terminal 4. This is just to make you aware that's all.
  16. There should be a ortho4xp path included we did give it with the product
  17. Again I repeat these have all been fixed in the upcoming update.
  18. Spain UHD does not work with the scenery because it has a custom mesh file and Spain uhd refuse to work with the devs so sorry it sucks but you just have to live with it.
  19. just to let you know that the airport works fine even with follow me Sam so expect a new update next week sometime
  20. Hi ron55 We have now fixed the Atc issue and fixed the Rotating beacon and tower view point Have also updated the Sam Gates settings to they will all connect to the Zibo B738 Sorry we can not help you with the Follow me sam. Expect a new version to be uploaded in the upcoming week. Regards Windsock simulations
  21. HI We have looking at this Airport and Find that all the As far as follow me Sam is concerned follow me sam was not created when we made this Airport therefore request you ask Stairport simulations for help.
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