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  1. Gentlemen which software is needed to run this one in P3Dv4.4 got a crash when loading the aircraft via the scenario screen or when loaded at the gate and select the CRJ ... Frustrating to say the least, have no problem with any aircraft or software in P3Dv4.4, actually can't remember a CTD in a very long time. All software is running fine with the exception of the CRJ SP1A... during load a crash to desktop.... Running Win 10 build 1803 with NVIDA 417.71 and latest drivers for my system.... Also all Microsoft visual c++ redis are installed...
  2. Well it worked here always fine till the latest version 2.03 which messed up thinks badly frustrating to say the least....
  3. awf

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    Thanks for the update appreciated, but unfortunately the bug with outdated routes still exits.. .
  4. thanks for the update appreciated :-)
  5. Yes just missed the last one from Mathijs, thanks appreciated
  6. It will be the latter
  7. Curious in what time frame the new installer will be available?
  8. awf

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    The app + one the charts of ENVA
  9. awf

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    The charts in offline mode ;-)
  10. awf

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    Installed Vaernes and all working, only difference is that I let the installer install NavDataPro which was confusing to begin with ;-) I canceled that one the first time around which caused probably the mess with SODE... I'm not a fan of raising airport altitudes to have easy tunnel stuff, other remark is no serial numbers anymore in the order confirmation email? Other then that (we have always something to moan about lol) great work hope the raised hard surface don't give problems with other add-on stuff...
  11. awf

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    What I have done is made a backup of the simobjects and xml files then an uninstall cleaned the registry. Reboot and reinstall GSX (umberto and Co have always a good install routine which also installs SODE 1.51...) Now everything is back and working copied back the simobjects and xml files so all SODE airports up and running... Ok now again off to install Vaernes shiver.... Will report back. Cheers,
  12. awf

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    SODE 1.51 was working correct before install of Vaernes! Checked already the Add-on config file (I'm aware of the changes ;-)) I unregistered via the platform manager and then registered again checked also the log file the Aerosoft installer messed up something Ok back at my PC going to have a look further....
  13. awf

    Værnes v2 config manager error

    Have the same issue after installing Vaernes messed up my sode install 1.51 in P3Dv4 was working perfectly fine... Reinstall or unregister or register doesn't solve the issue... Sode missing in addon menu P3D V3 and V4
  14. Curious too all purchases on hold...