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  1. Appreciated the feedback saw it also during approach and on some building at the cargo area...
  2. Lot of Z buffer conflicting especially on the terminally glass, of is that due to a local issue of video or driver? Day one purchase great work following this for a long time and a piece of art 🙂
  3. Exactly that at MSFS they are aware of the serious bug.... (hotfix coming...)
  4. That was what I mend, maybe not clear enough 😉
  5. Ok thanks Hans appreciated as for fast compiling in my case isn't different regarding gauge readiness, it works just fine (have a pretty fast system) now of to some flying...
  6. Nice to hear, but it's a long upload then.......
  7. Look in your folder EFB data skycambg_001.png til 004 😉
  8. You should be at VREF + 10 (Flaps 45 and max +10 or 1/2 gust) I believe, and can also be set via the EFB
  9. Thanks going to test that, appreciated... Saw no movement have a bit more time today to have a better look. 🙂
  10. Well it should be an axis 😉 otherwise it wont work with the TCA... (P3D version works fine with axis) 🙂
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