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  1. There is a visual imperfection or bug however: If you pull and push knobs on the autopilot panel via scripts or external hardware, the knobs stay pushed or pulled. They do not spring back to 'normal' state as they should.
  2. Quick question, I'm currently fighting with connecting my 'flightdeck' hardware (a midi controller -> midikey2key -> key macro's) to the Aerosoft Airbus. Are there any OFFSETs available to setup FSUIPC properly? I have tried with mouse macro's, but that doesn't work with the AeroSoft A330. It does work with other aircraft. LINDA is not what I'm looking for: i need to connect a keyboard macro to a specific function. Edit: found a solution with the help of LUA scripts! The Linda LUA script helped me.
  3. I use your workaround to start the A330 ( otherwise it CTDs as well. Version was fine, did not try Thanks for your suggestion!
  4. Actually I did get it working yesterday with the A3XXConnectPro_A318A319.exe, albeit a bit funny, it didn't work consistantly and the MCDU was misaligned with the LSKs. No worries šŸ™‚ I'm happy with how the A330 performs right now, great bird to fly with! These small issues will be ironed out eventually I hope.
  5. These versions don't work unfortunately, first you get the ini error on startup, then I get a website, but no repsonse or whatsoever.
  6. Or is this part of the Connected Flight Deck feature?
  7. edit: I fixed it by restarting P3D, strange...
  8. Running Version Found the same topic related to the A320 series here: For some strange reason I have 3 EXE files in the directory \Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Connect Pro\ not related to the A330. I only own the 330. The manual states there should be a WebInterface.exe, but there isn't any. When I start one of the 3 EXEs I get a missing .INI file error. Am I missing something?
  9. The FD seems to act like the one in the DASH8 IRL: jumping left and right/ up and down like crazy, definately not quite Airbus alike. I have the same issue jpette.
  10. Well after a few weeks of problemless flying around Berlin again, I would not try to find out what this file is causing I realise every system is different, giving support/development headaches, anyway I don't experience CTDs anymore. Thanks! Case closed
  11. Anyway I made quite a few flights now around superb VFR Berlin without CTD. I found this bgl file by copying away 50% of the BGL files in the Berlin VFR scenery directory, trying, copying half of the 50% back, try again eventually I had 2 files left and one of them seemed good, the single one left that gave me CTD's was bln-edav-excl.BGL. EDAV is pretty nice btw Thanks for the help! Cu on TCAS! Jamie
  12. Former developer myself I decided to be aggresive on this one. In 20min I found out the 192 bytes bln-edav-excl.BGL is causing the CTD. Moving this file away from Aerosoft\Berlin 2006 SC\Scenery and the CTD is gone! Now what is this exclude doing for Flugplatz Eberswalde-Finow? rgrds! a Happy Jamie
  13. Sorry didn't get an e-mail that you replied Will try this...
  14. Well I switched off every single scenery except AES/GAP3+german rivers/VFR Berlin and established on the ILS28R a CTD. Perfectly reproducible. I saved the situation at 2000ft, default FS cessna, AP on APP. Disabling VFR Berlin SC and no CTD anymore. EDIT: funny discovery, FS2004 minimized and it works like a charm. Back maximized or active screen and immediately 2 seconds later CTD. Hmm so looks like a Nvidia error (or texture related).
  15. Hi Shaun, Night or day does not matter unfortunately, no I don't have texture related updates or texture enhancing add-ons. Not much installed, i'm also very conservative installing software, but I will try by disabling other scenery as at this moment only VFR Berlin is switched off. Keep you posted! Jamie Janssen
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