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  1. about 18 months ago mopperle replied in another thread that this manual was in the making..... See here: This thread has been closed 😞 So my question is: will there ever be that promised manual for the A330 Pro explaining step by step how to set up and execute a full flight? This was announced on page 4 of volume 1 of the manuals that came with the plane..... Please give us an update or tell openly that you do not intend to publish that manual at all. THANK YOU! J. Vollmer
  2. I could not agree more! thank you, Thorsten, for this clarification and thank you, Mathijs, for bringing EAFS to ALL current flight simulation programs 😉 Kind regards, Jürgen
  3. Perhaps, it is difficult to judge at this time how the future of MSFS looks like.... It still needs a LOT of work and that means time to become a serious competitor to P3D or X-Plane... It might even stay at the game level for ever..... Thank you, Mathijs, for considering an update for Andras Field (for both or even all three sims I mentioned above)! Kind regards en vriendelijke groeten Jürgen Vollmer AMA244
  4. Please add my name to that list, too. Juergen V. AMA244
  5. Will do that Otto! Thank you, I am already glad that it is only my own stupidity and really does not seem to be visible anywhere.... Cheers Jürgen
  6. As you can see there has been a update announced to bring Andras Field to version 1.20 (see here: However the version offered in the shop is still 1.17 and that is also the one I have installed here. However from that thread it appears that this update can be found somewhere, I just do not know the link... Please point me to that update which was announced nearly 8 years ago... 🙂 THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Scorpio47 P.S. And please Mathijs, give us a new version for Prepar3D 64bit
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