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  1. Not yet - I decided that I wanted to adjust the blue at the bottom of the fuselage so moving it is taking a bit of time. Should be available soon, then I'll move to the CRJ7 for the Delta Connection fleet.
  2. Thanks - and likewise on the AA Eagle's, too! And yes, that blue... Man, Delta's blue is among the toughest colors to match in the sim. Sometimes too light, sometimes too dark... I've been using this shade for my DL repaints for going on 6+ years now and I think it ends up looking fairly accurately under most lighting conditions. I'm pretty happy with it anyhow. We'll see how it turns out on these though. hah
  3. I've been working on expanding and updating the Delta Connection carriers - For Endeavor I did N293PQ. And N162PQ for Skywest is pretty close, too.
  4. Is this using FSX or P3D? You can manually unzip and install it in the mean time until we're able to track down what is causing that error. thanks!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Air Canada Rouge Airbus A321 with Sharklets C-FJOU, Fin 469 Repaint by Trevor Bair "V1VrV2" and Daniel Desjardins "cdnavi8r" Please install using the livery manager. Enjoy! (version 1.0) February 2016
  6. Air Canada's 60th Anniversary (TCA) scheme is now ready for download. C-FZUH | Fin 264 Download it here. Again, lots of thanks to cdnavi8r for his help with this project!
  7. 1549 downloads

    Air Canada A319, C-FZUH, Fin 264 60th Anniversary 'Trans-Canada Air Lines' retro scheme Repaint by Trevor Bair "V1VrV2" and Daniel Desjardins "cdnavi8r" Please install using the livery manager. Enjoy!
  8. Sure, I'll take a look but honestly, I don't think the level of dirt and grime on the paintkit is excessive (not to AFR levels anyhow!)
  9. Air Canada Rouge now available! (download here) C-FYJE (Fin 255) Special thanks to cdnavi8r for his emotional support and patience with a very tricky tail alignment process... Air Canada 60th Anniversary TCA Retro Livery in progress C-FZUH (Fin 264)
  10. 4595 downloads

    Air Canada Rouge A319, C-FYJE, Fin 255 Repaint by Trevor Bair "V1VrV2" and Daniel Desjardins "cdnavi8r" Please install using the livery manager. Enjoy!
  11. Air Canada Rouge C-FYJE is under way. Here's a quick preview... It'll take a few more days to get the tail textures lined up, but hopefully not too long. I'd like to also tackle C-FZUH (TCA 60th Anniversary livery) after this one if I can find the logos.
  12. Hello gents - I've just finished uploading Delta Air Lines N355NB. My first submission here so hopefully I got everything right. Enjoy! Download link here
  13. 4458 downloads

    Delta Air Lines A319, N355NB. Repaint by Trevor Bair "V1VrV2". Please install using the livery manager. Enjoy!
  14. yep, I know. I had my UA repaint open so i just copied the files over to see how she looked. I've since updated it to the CFM version but haven't taken any screenshots yet. I'll get some soon.
  15. A couple of alignment issues to sort out (as you can see) but here's the state so far of N355NB for Delta Air Lines. EDIT: Oops, I see that Holgi is also working on a DAL livery for the 319. Sorry - should've read the posts above. Didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. Sorry!
  16. Great list, Mijitman! Thanks! For United, I've started this one in all of my "spare time" this week: But, I'm also working on finishing up my RW Instrument Rating and have some sim time scheduled in the Redbird this week so it will be a few more days for this livery (add to it the fact that it looks like I'm going to have to hand-draw the globe logo on the tail - which is why it isn't pictured).
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