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  1. Hey guys i have a question about Andrs Field online , i wanted to know if its really necessary to download squawin software when you fly at Andras Field online?. thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot Ole for your advises and help , i mean you are right i should have informed my self a bit more instead of asking some many questions, well its good to learn something everyday . thanks =)
  3. Psybear are there any open routes for a PA34 Senneca II from LEBB?
  4. So does that mean i will not get in to AMA if i dont have any VA flight hours?
  5. Ole Andreasen thanks a lot for your advises and help =) !
  6. I really appreciate for your help thanks a lot , i have one more question , i payed yesterday for the VA Andras Field package i donwload it but i didnt get any serial number homecome is that?
  7. hi Psybear , if there is anything i can do to resolve this problem , tell me and i will do it =)
  8. hey again , how come my email is spam? i didnt know that , i applaied for alaska virtual airlines but i didnt fly at all , thanks for the help!
  9. Psybear thanks a lot , i really want to join your airline beacause you seem very nice , look i changed my email and name beacuse i got rejected the first time , and i thought it was a problem with my email so i tried with another i had, and yes indeed my name is Javier and i applyed the first time with javi-loves-speed@hotmail.com sorry for making you crazy sending alots of applications but i really want to join AMA . thanks =)
  10. Hey Psybear, i wanted to ask you why do i not get any answer back for pilot application to AMA i send it the application like a day ago and i m still waiting, and i bouhgt the VA andras field package no serial number , could you pleade adiise me .thanks!
  11. Thanks a lot for the help i appreciated , but now i am trying to regiter in the AMA forum and i get rejected? so how can i prove to the AMA guys that i am member. thanks!
  12. Hey Ole Andreasen , i have a problem i just payed for the VA Andrasfield package download and the thing is i didnt get any serial number in order to complete the instllation , and one more thing i send it a pilot application to AMA i didnt get any answer back . thanks!
  13. Thanks a lot for the help , i would like to ask you one more question before i send the application to AMA do i need first the Andras field package and the service package 2?
  14. Thanks Ole Andreasen! but i want to get the free version , and the thing is when i installed it for the first time afterwards a window came up saying enter key.... where can i get that key? and one more thning evrytime a log in to FSX a windows also comes up saying tht the fs2004 is not compatible with my flight yoke? thanks! =)
  15. hey! where can i download the frre version of FSUIPC and where may i get a key for it ? thanks!
  16. Hey mopperle , so do i need the andras field package before a send the application or afterwards and is it really necessary the gold edition or i can i just play with the FSX version ? thanks !
  17. Mopperle thanks! , i have another question when do i need andras meridian airfield before i send the pilot application or afterwards? and with regards to the gold edition package is it really necesary or with the fsx package is fine. thanks =)
  18. Hey people! i am new to the forum , i would like to ask you , how can i get in to the Andras meridin airline ive been trying to send applications but i get no answer back , can someone answer and give me an advise because i really want to join the VA. thanks! =)
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