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  1. I have a bad bad feeling the next thing I have to do FORMAT C: Anyway 9 mounts up and running my FS9! Always exciting build up from zero Thanks Best Regards: Bence
  2. Hi Guys! I need some advise what to do? I installed the program normally no error message. Run FS9, select the airport, looks all right, but if I changing the view the related position of runway/lights/center line are changing. Please see attached link for my album where I uploaded 3 pictures. The aircraft position is absolutely the same, but different angle different positions of mentioned things! After I decided to takeoff and the runway surface act like if it was grass, Aircraft start to bump and you can see dust effects! I have FS9.1, no any extra scenery in the region. AES of course and REX. I tired to do a maintenance re-install and a total uninstall, install. Doesn't help! Many Thanks for Your Help Regards Bence https://picasaweb.google.com/117607006894285506254/LSZH2012?authkey=Gv1sRgCKOWiN702e2p9QE#5785981654394003954
  3. Hi There, The FSX update is superb, however do you update FS9 version as well or not? Also the FS9 1.50 update is disappeared and of course I would need it! Many Thanks Best Regards: Bence
  4. Hi All, Sorry I can't speak German language! But maybe I have the same problem! I have some trouble to install the new Budapest update. Welcome page, next ,licence agreement, i accept, next pls note msg...ect...OK select DVD version, next serial key, next Choose Destination Location (automatically selects the right destination on my computer c:\fsx\) and next error msg: Couldn't find Microsoft Flight Simulator, OK and the installer just close! I run everything as administrator! Thanks for Your Help! Vielen Dank! Bence
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