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  1. Yeah the scenery is almost finished but those last bits. The point on the i that is what takes time. But be assured the product is progressing nicely. Very nice on FPS in P3D
  2. Hello, I have many original airports for fs9 in fsx. Think of Overland Japan, Flytampa Dubai and Seattle. They are working very well. But I would like to have AES on them. Is there any way to do so. I think it would be possible technally by changing some thing or just putting some file in the scenery folder of the airport i want AES on. Is there anyone who can give a solution for this? Maybe Oliver can give a solution
  3. Well I wish every one off you a merry christmas and Best wishes for the years to come:D Software used: Aerosoft Anchorage X PMDG NGX AES
  4. It looks like there is a small bug in the site as you can not select multiple items for AES. So I think there is some parameter in the code of the page wrong
  5. These are all the boeing types if i am correct. Arranged on type 707,717,727,737,747,757,767,777 from right to left on paine field.
  6. Normally you will set the airports above the meshes so try it with Keflavik above the iceland scenery. I bet it will work then:D
  7. If I read it correct you are starting with engines on. If you have your engines on there is no service. So next time either stop your engines or load the short or long turnaround or the cold and dark panelsave. You can not use AES with running engines. So switch of the engine:D
  8. Mathijs can you please inform us what the progress is for "Beek"? any indication for a release. Will it be this month or in a few months
  9. Leon over je 2de vraag weet je zeker dat je een nieuwe intelliscene.cfg heb geconfigureerd? of de oude van de 763 heb gekopieerd want het lijkt er op dat je kist niet goed geconfigureerd is. Leon About your second question: are you sure that you have done the config of the intelliscene after you installed the 767wl? Or had the old one from the 763 copied because it sounds to me that you don't have the good config for the WL. Settings should be something like this: [Descr] Type=B767 [Geom] Nosegear= 22.6 Door1=-2.35, 21.55, 4.25, 5 Door4=-2.4,-15.2, 4.35,-5 Front= 1.2, 16, 2.2 Rear= 1.45,-9.3, 2.35
  10. Hi, Very very beautiful scenery although I got a small problem. Today I flew to it for the first time. But when i was taxiing in to gate B1 there was no Marshaller or Visual docking system. Although AES came active after setting parking brake. Is it because you forgot it or is there something wrong with my scenery? After a quick check around the airport I noticed that B1 is the only gate/stand with no marshaller Yours Sincerely, Kevin
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