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    A320/A321 release

    Are we looking good for the release today?
  2. phrgflyer

    A320/A321 release

    Not fair. I was counting on it. Really, though no problem
  3. phrgflyer

    Repaint requests

    I would appreciate the Miami Air aircraft repaint if possible. Thank you.
  4. I know that is is said a few days for the bundle to be offered, but is that 2 days, 5 days, a week? I am just like all of the rest of the people on here, chomping at the bit to get te buses. Thank you in advance.
  5. Are you sure it is not a Docter Bus?
  6. I have purchased the Bundle in the past and understand that with the professional there is a discount on the bundle. My question has to do with the timing for purchasing the aircraft. Will I be able to purchase the Bundle upgrade on July 12 and just download the A318/319 and then when the A320/321 comes out just download them or will I have to wait until all 4 aircraft are out to purchase the Bundle? Again I am just wondering out loud.