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  1. Nvidia cards tend to work better with Fsx from my experience. YMMV
  2. Some desert shots please - africa etc. nice palm trees btw.
  3. I ordered from Aerosoft because I estimated it's cheaper than to do so from the US + shipping + import duty + handling fees vs aerosoft with free shipping. That and I am quite patient.
  4. Can I get clarification that I can order any edition from anywhere (laminar, x-aviation, x-plane.org or aerosoft) and that some time next year I can fire up the updater and get all the aero soft added extras by download at that point at no additional cost?
  5. As Eric states, a lot of work in XP10 has gone into producing a vast library of art assets so that the community can 'click click place' airport / airfield buildings. Airports that only use these default assets get fed back into a central hub and then everyone's x-plane can get updated with this data. This should cover the quantity you're looking for. These airports will be plausible but not precise. The Aerosoft high detail airports are the 'payware' quality variety and these are a very nice bonus to have in sim. I assume that the other airfields that Aersoft are adding objects to may be using the lego brick system that Laminar have produced, or may have a mix of these with some specific buildings, leaving room for them to sell the accurate Mega Airport sceneries.
  6. I'll assume that's a joke considering the performance, stability and way the fsx engine totally missed the switch to multi core. FS2004 was great, but Fsx a lemon in the series. Having seen what both look like, I'm quite excited by the upcoming x-plane 10. Which rightly (given the passage of time) looks much better than Fsx. It would be more pertinent to compare with flight but at this point so little is known about that product.
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