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  1. And even after a PC rebuild. Literally, throughout the life cycle of the Pro version A318/319.
  2. I’m not so sure as it happens without weather as well as with ASP4 and FSGRW. Also, my ASP4 settings exactly match those of “masterhawk”. I’ve only seen this with the Aerosoft Airbus Pro 64-bit version, and it has happened on all iterations of this product using fresh downloads and installs too.
  3. So, without AV running, and excludes set to all FS folders (I changed from entire drives to root folders of all things FS), but the issue is still present. Thoughts? Thanks, Fabio
  4. Yes, previously I had folders excluded, but I am trialling excluding all of my flightsim drives. However, as this phenomenon doesn't occur in other aircraft, I don't think it will be an AV issue (unless Aerosofdt files are the cause). So, I will disconnect from the internet and I will disable my AV, and then I'll report back ASAP. Thanks, Fabio
  5. My ASP4 settings were different to yours (but still set at reasonable levels), so I duplicated your settings but the same issue occurred. At this point I switched off all weather engines (i.e. standard atmosphere), but the issue persisted (videos available, one with weather and the other under cloudless no wind conditions). I really appreaciate your help, so I'm looking forward to more ideas. Thanks, Fabio
  6. Hi, Sorry, but it is the same problem with FSGRW, shortly after takeoff the same issue occurs. Any ideas will be gratefully accepted! Thanks again, Fabio
  7. Thanks, I will try with FSGRW for P3D4 instead of ASP4 because I really would like to finally eradicate this issue. Looking at the video, you’ll see there is no warning, just a sudden jerky change in FPS and attitude. When the winds change, which from time to time they do, than sim aircraft tend to wobble in situ until they stabilise, but IMO this issue doesn’t look or feel like that. Remember that this issue only affected the “Pro” P3D4 version. Also, my sim OS and P3D4 installations have been rebuild yet this issue has been persistent. Are there Aerosoft recommended ASP4 settings for use with the Pro Airbus? Again, thanks; I will absolutely report back after trialling FSGRW and no WX..
  8. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I use ASP4, but I don't think the wind was excessive; during climb I was seeing a tail wind of 30kts or so. There were no instances of turbulence that I can recall, and the onset of this issue is as sudden as you can see, and quite without warning of indication, and often occurs in straight flight. The FPS that you see in the upper left hand side are typical for a climb out, and in fact these were curtailed by VSYNC ( in case this helped). In addition, I apologise for the tone of my email, and please know that I've wanted to edit it but of course there is no facility to do so. Simply, my words were borne of frustration because since the time I purchased the "Professional" Aerosoft Airbus, I simply haven't been able to fly it. The only Airbus that I have is the "other" still not quite ready Prologue version by a certain developer purchased in mid-2012. Thanks again, Fabio
  9. Hi, The reason that I stopped flying the Aerosoft Airbus Professional V1.4.0.3 is because for me, the random and sudden loss of control as experienced on my system has made the aircraft in all its iterations quite unflyable (or more to the point, unenjoyable). All previous incarnations of the Aerosoft Airbus from the AXE upwards have been fine, but not so the Professional range, and explains why i have only the A318/A319 and not the A320/A321 & A330. I know that other users have had the same problems, and I know that Aerosoft always dismisses this as a FPS issue, but the truth here is that it is the only aircraft in my P3D4 hangar to have this unpredictable and sudden catastrophic loss of control. My PMDG NGX, 777, 747, DC-6, Captain Sim 767, 757, 777, QW 787,and so on are absolutely fine, even at higher settings. My PC specs are fairly good (i7-9700K@4.8Ghz, 32Gb 3000Mhz, GTX1080, Asus Z370), and all drivers includng those of the motherboard are updated; also, the Airbus is always updated just in case the next iteration brings forward a fix. I haven't previosuly bothered bringing this to your attention knowing that others have, but when today I tested the newest version (V1.4.0.3) and yet even over the English Channel without even a boat or grass verge in sight, during a straight climbing segment, the darned thing suffered one of its loss of control moments, so I thought why not capture it as video, which i did. And just as I was about to upload it, it had another of these horrid jerky fits, and this too I captured on replay. You'll see that I have the VSync limiter set to 35FPS (and my PC can run P3D4 FPS in the 70-80 range), and from being quite stable in FPS, suddenly it went berserk. The video is slightly amusing insofar as the contrails that it catches up with are, I believe, it's own. Anyway, I'm not expecting much, just a courteous acknowledgement, as for me, a fix would be the icing on the cake. In the interim, I have shed loads of other aeroplanes that can be flown and even landed without fuss or drama. Cheers, Fabio
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Binter Canarias CRJ700 With thanks to Idem30 for his exceptional Aerosoft CRJ900 in the colours of Binter Canarias. It was Idem30's original Binter Canarias CRJ900 repaint that I subsequently modified in order to create this Binter Canarias livery for Aerosoft CRJ700. All original artwork credit please should go to Idem30, with but a few necessary touch up's by me for the CRJ700 refit. Enjoy!
  11. I suppose DXTBMP will, at a pinch, do. #pedantic
  12. You (probably) need a tool called DXT2BMP (here) which you can use to open the DDS files. Within DXT2BMP you specify your preferred painting utility (GIMP or Paint.net etc), and then you send the DDS from within DXT2BMP into your editor. You make your modifications, save, then back in DXT2BMP you "Reload after edit" which will bring in the changes you have made into DXT2BMP, where you save them back as the original DDS. This is is a hugely simplified explanation, and doesn't even tackle the painting per se, but it will get you in a position where you can save some work. As for the LIT and other DDS types, I too am trying ascertain how to tackle these; for the moment, I'm guessing.
  13. Is there a way of contacting Holgi as I would very much like his permission to recreate his excellent CRJ900 Iberia Air Nostrum into a CRJ700 variant? My paltry skills could never do his original justice, but still I'd like to rejig his original as the CRJ700 is a particular favourite of mine. Thanks, Fabio
  14. Now that Alitalia and Meridiana are done, that's Itaky covered, but now I have discovered lots of Greek Islands that need exploring... An Olympic A319 livery would be very much appreciated!
  15. Thanks, it was unavailable before, though I managed to download it soon after. It is still marked as "Broken" however.
  16. Hi, No worries, and apologies, I didn't mean to come across as I did. When I taxi to my other a/c, whether in career or free flight, the (correct) replacement a/c are present (C208, C185, C90B). I will return all a/c to the AAA install defaults, and I'll report back. Thanks for your help, Fabio
  17. Hi, FSX warns if aircraft titles are not unique; therefore, without an error, we can conclude that all my aircraft titles are unique. I have experimented with different aircraft, but any combination of a/c causes the Fatal Error when taxying to switch a/c in career mode, though they all work in free flight mode. For the moment, all unused a/c titles are renamed to something unique like "- not used", "- unused", "- not in use" etc. I'm a longtime simmer, and I have no issues editing or reconfiguring files. I mmediately edited my a/c in AAA as I bought this Aerosoft product knowing that different aircraft could be used (I have no interest in flying default FSX aircraft, other than for testing). I will report back.
  18. Hi, The three aircraft that I have chosen (C90, C208, C185) can start as the default aircraft at HK0G OK. I have started the same three aircraft without problem at Buffalo Spring and many other random locations. I have not changed any scenery files or re-activated ORBX (i.e. test and FSX conditions remained the same). For the moment, I am running in career mode but with Enable Changes so that I can choose aircraft type, but of course I don't obtain the rewards (which is OK really but it would be nice if at least my money can be kept). Any ideas? Thanks, Fabio
  19. Good idea, I'll check this out and will post my reply. I have swapped various aircraft around such that the Kodiak was default, and that was fine. I'll try with the C90B as well, plus free flight mode as discussed.
  20. Thanks. If duplicate aircraft titles exist, FSX will warn you whilst it loads, and AAA warns if there are issues with nanes as well; I'm happy that the naming configuration is 100% correct. The naming convention I used came from the same link as you provided (otherwise I wouldn't have known that I was indeed able to alter aircraft choices before purchasing), and the other aircraft choices appear parked at their respective airfield locations, so this must be right. Specs: i7 950 OC 4.0Ghz, Xigmatek Dark Knight Cooler, 6Gb 1066 RAM, Asus P6X58D-E, Seagate 500Gb 7200RPM , Nvidia GTX460 (latest drivers), Corsair GS600 PSU, W7 64-bit, FSX with SP1 & SP2, ORBX/FTX, UTXE, REX2, GEX, Saitek Yoke, Rudders, Throttle, MCP, Switch, & Radio
  21. Hi, I am trying to change my aircraft in AAA, but each time that I attempt to taxi to another of my aircraft, I select "yes" to change to the new aircraft, but I get a fatal error and FSX shuts down. I have changed my aircraft selection: Carenado Caravan 5Y-ASC Carenado 185 Bush 5Y-ASB Carenado KingAir - 5Y-AST For instance, changing from the Caravan to the C185, places me in the VC of the C185, but without fully redrawing it fully, and then it gives me a fatal error, and FSX restarts. Have you any thoughts and suggestions? Thanks, Fabio
  22. Hi, Thanks, I have registered my product and I now have access to the V1.3 update (though I'm not sure this will address any performance issues). Best wishes, Fabio
  23. Hi Alex, I will do this straight away, and I'll update this post. Many thanks, Fabio
  24. Hi, I hope that you can help me or point me in the right direction. I purchased London VFR X in 2010 from Playsims (disc V1.2); I have always been happy to use Aerosoft forums for support information for this and for other Aerosoft products. The performance when over London has always been questionable, though the product is great otherwise. Recently, FSX has CTD'd twice with OOM errors when over or near the city of London, and so I started to read the forums for clues, and it's now that I discovered that a V1.3 patch was issued a while ago. Is it possible for me to download this patch, and if so, where might it be located? Please let me know what details are needed. Thanks, Fabio Playsims Order 2921 25/10/2010
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