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  1. I am not moving to FSX until SP1 of Vista, so prolly mid to late 07. I appreciate you doing this for fs9 as well. Thanks again,
  2. I understand the framerate gig, just make'm out of ai quality models.
  3. One BIG wishlist for anything put out by anybody as far as airports, the static scenery planes HAVE JUST GOT to get better. Can't they use some AI style aircraft for the statics. I parked beside a 777-200 BAW the other day in a 747 stand and it just looked like a dang match box!
  4. One thing you critics didn't mention. The SimWings version has very realistic taxi aprons, from the shots here. One critique of Gary's that I had was the taxi aprons just didn't look as realistic, nor did it blend in, as other sceneries.
  5. This is great. I love Gary's work, but it is hard on frames, even with a 256MB video card, a gig of ram and a AMD 64 processor on a raid box. I hope it is better on frames. I know I will be buying right off the bat as it is the only way to really find out I have EDDF Mega airport and it has been worth every dime of it, even though I owned a copy of SimFlight's verison.
  6. Amazing detail. If you have FSGenesis Himalayia mesh, how should it be in prority? Also, what types of a/c usually fly in and out of this village. Thanks
  7. Questions #2: Will you have an upgrade scheme or will it be an out-right purchase, again. I must admit, if it is, Flight Tracker may be the way I need to go - just from a T.C.O standpoint, as it does give sufficient information and storage needs. Question #3: Well, I am hoping that PMDG would allow you to work in some way with them on being able to read their auto-pilot. This isn't a decision maker problem as far as purchasing, but it may be something you would like to persue. There are other utilities on the market (not anything dealing with flight tracking) that interact with the PMD
  8. I have a few short quick questions in regards to this great product. I have completed four flights with it and I currently am on my fith flight (EGKK to WIII). I have found it particularly detailed (which I love) and very rewarding. I only have some simple questions before I purchase: a. Version 2.7 (Build 770) - When was it released? Is there a plan for further 2.x updates? b. If I purchase 2.7 will I have to buy verison 3, especially if you put it out relativly close to my purchase? c. Is there any modifications/alterations that could make it work BETTER with the PMDG 747-
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