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  1. Great to see Brussels is being redone by another developer. Hope that this will also happen for Schiphol one time. :-)
  2. @ PatrickZ good story! I completely agree with you. @Rafel Haczek, what strikes me the most is the continuous whine of Air Holland for FS9 sceneries. I believe KLM737 and PatrickZ told it enough times already. So I'm not suprised that one of them will eventually react in a different way than they normally do. ;-)
  3. So you say that the image of a professional airline chart is not correct? Normally you would see something like the 737 classics parked at those stands. And they did this because there are less and less 737 classics flying from and to schiphol. Normally a 737NG can't be parked over there since their wingspan exceeds 30M. With a small renovation of the D pier, NG's can also park at those stands. Because of the wingspan of a 737-800NG, which is 35 meters, they still need to have an extra free gate between the D46 and the D52 for example. And they removed the taxiways A9N and A9S and made one taxiway out of them, the A9C. They also did this because of the big wingspan of the 737NG.
  4. I didn't even bothered to download it, normally I always give things like this a try, but from what I've read it's nothing for the serious simmer. I have read and heard that it is more something like an arcade game. Maybe it's something for some people but definitely not for me.
  5. Is the popcorn tasting well? Can I have a bite too? :-)
  6. Well, you we're going off topic in the first place by whining again about a FS9 scenery. Anyway, it looks really nice and I'm really looking forward to this nice scenery for FSX.
  7. To be honest, I totally agree with PatrickZ, just save the money for a killer FSX PC so that you can run the newest add-ons!
  8. I completely agree with KLM737 above me, it's just the continuous whine for FS9 scenery's. It really has to stop, the flying times for FS9 are over.
  9. @Air Holland I´m sorry but honestly I can´t. I believe that FSX offers much more functionality in terms of ground textures etc. than FS2004. :-) And if I fly in FS9 I wan't to see and have the same functions as in the FSX version.
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