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  1. I've been bingeing on YT videos on the 737 in anticipation of getting the PMDG -700. One thing that strikes me is the wonderful job the Canadair designers did on simplifying the cockpit of the real CRJ. The amount of extra work needed to fly the 737 is truly surprising. In the CRJ, two button presses and you have your APU running and powering the electrical system. On the 737, you've got multiple additional steps to accomplish the same thing. Just goes to show you what a few decades can make. Granted the 737NG comes with autothrottle, VNAV and some other tricks that the CRJ doesn't have but all in all, for ease of flight, I have to tip my hat to the CRJ.
  2. If this feature has already been implemented, why would Aerosoft not release it immediately, instead of opting to include it with the long-promised "update"?
  3. I'm thinking it's the equivalent of not walking under a ladder. Just a way to avoid any bad karma. I've forgotten to move the folder on probably half the upgrades and have had zero issues post-update.
  4. That was quite interesting, thanks for posting. I'm not sure how much of what the manufacture's manual provides actually relates to what AS implemented in their sim. So that leads to more questions / random comments Check out the drawing from the manual linked above, showing CAT III / RO modes activated. Has Aerosoft implemented these features, so they display properly in the PFD? I haven't seen them. Have they provided a Rollout mode? According to the manufacturer's manual, to change modes you need to set your selected mode into the Standby window and then press Enter to activate that mode. Pushing ACT at any time automatically brings you back to PRI mode. With regarding to landing modes, one of the requirements for using the CAT I-III modes is that both VHF receivers are tuned to the same localizer frequency. Do I need to set this frequency manually, I assumed that this was done automatically by the FMS? Also, the real HGS has an "auto brightness" mode as well. I'll see if that is available on my next flight. When using TO mode, it should automatically change to PRI when you reach 50' AGL. Need to do a test flight to see how many features of the real HGS actually are present in the sim. I had no idea that the real HGS was this "deep" in features.
  5. I forgot to clear the community folder for this one and with the two flights I've had so far, zero issues.
  6. Was binging on YouTube videos while home due to Covid. Saw a couple that raised questions. The first was a RL video of a CRJ landing. From the video, it appeared that the pilots had dialed in a small bit of left wing down trim. Just wondering what reason there would be to trim the jet like this. Perhaps due to a crosswind? The second was a MSFS video but the guy "flying" was hand flying an ILS approach from above the cloud layer (~ 5,000') down to landing. In RL, would this be an accepted procedure or are there limits on when you have to have the A/P engaged during a landing in poor weather? Any information on this is much appreciated.
  7. I would suggest you hit "return" and go the TCAS button (2nd down on left column). Open that up and you'll see an option to go from standby to active. As far as your other question, it's a button labeled "TFR".
  8. Not sure what's going on with my TIR, It worked ok the first couple of times, this time despite centering and checking how things looked through the app, every time I elevate my head above the horizon, the view spins away crazily. I'm sure I'll figure it out. When it was working, I found it to add a great deal to the sim.
  9. I'm going this route. The hat setup, on top of my headphones, was annoying as hell, plus, I'm just not a hat guy. Used this setup for the first time, still trying to get used to it. Found myself subconsciously tilting my head at weird angles to stabilize the view (which was pretty skittish). I'm sure it will take some time to settle in.
  10. Order placed. I just went for the basic unit (which is still pretty pricey for a very simple IR head tracker but whatever). Hopefully I can get by without the premium IR lamps / head mounts. Thanks for all the great feedback. One last question - once you've got this up and running to your satisfaction, do you guys then reassign the hat switch that you formerly used for changing viewpoints to other functions?
  11. Thanks guys, really appreciate the info. I think I'll pull the trigger on the 5 today. I so wanted VR to work for me but it's just not ready for 100% use quite yet.
  12. Looking for ways to enhance the sim in general and this aircraft specifically. I've gone the VR route but find the rig to be cumbersome for longer flights. Track IR might hit the sweet spot between manually changing your view and going VR. Anyone have experience using this? John
  13. I may need to delete and reinstall the CRJ to address a botched add-on. I purchased this software direct from Aerosoft. Do I simply go in and delete the CRJ file in my community folder? For reinstalling, I assume I can just log into my account with Aerosoft and I'll be able to re-download the package with no issues? It's been a while, I don't recall needing a key or anything special during the initial installation. Any help is much appreciated.
  14. Think you'll ever get HGS issue worked out so we can consistently select the required mode?
  15. So let me try another approach to avoid offending some of our more sensitive moderators and members: Has anyone else used the FT Sim sound pack for the CRJ and if they did, did the sound pack result in the elimination of audible cockpit noises such as moving switches / knobs, the loss of audible warnings and of altitude call-outs during landing? Did they encounter and hang-ups / freezes while exiting the sim after flying the CRJ? If anyone has experiences to share with this mod, I would greatly appreciate their feed back. I have yet to get a response from the maker(s) of this add-on.
  16. It's pretty much what I expected... Don't recall asking the Aerosoft team to drop what they are doing and rush to help me. After all, I know how busy they have been for the last year or so working on all the updates for this sim.
  17. Thanks for the snide reply Otto. If it makes you feel any better, I had reached out to them, no response received as yet. Given that there is plenty of discussion about third party add-ons on this site, I didn't think I was committing any kind of foul.
  18. I installed the FT Sim Soundpack for the CRJ. Very much improved engine / taxiing sound effects. However - I seem to no longer get any sounds when actuating switches in the cockpit, also don't get altitude callouts when landing. Any idea if this is normal or if not, how I can restore those sounds?
  19. Just bumping this to the top. I read Crabby's suggestions above but still am able to get the HGS mode to change from PRI to whatever I am looking for maybe 10% of the time. Why is this so difficult? Am I not following the instructions correctly or is this a bug? If a bug, why would it still be present this far into the life of this sim? I have to believe it's a relatively straightforward fix. Also, what are the difference in the displays between CAT I to CAT III? Just increasing levels of "declutter"? For RL pilots, if your CRJ is equipped with the HUD, do you use it in all phases of the flight or just for certain scenarios such as an ILS approach to minimums?
  20. Aside from Bermuda, Germany (specifically Bavaria) is one of my favorite spots on the planet. Just a truly fantastic place.
  21. Thanks for the good info. The flight issues had nothing to do with the crew (either up front or in the back), just that the CRJ is a somewhat uncomfortable, noisy aircraft from this passenger's viewpoint, I much prefer the ERJ series. I thought it was cool that the FO was a German national, I was wearing a Munich sweatshirt and he asked if I'd been there before. Was hoping to swap info about where to get the best currywurst in Munich but I had to keep moving as to not slow down the herd behind me. As much as I slag the 700, it's light years beyond the hellish CRJ200! Regards, John
  22. I'd be very interested in hearing some feedback from users of this software. Sounds intriguing...
  23. That's a loud pump (although the A320 has something even louder that activates around the same time)! Any idea if it's 3A or 3B? The checklist that Aerosoft provides has 3A turned on early during the cockpit preparation phase (any idea why they would need a hydraulic at that stage of the starting process?). The remaining three pumps (1, 2 and 3B) are listed as starting during the originating check which is still somewhat early in the startup process. That being said, all 4 pumps are also shown as being activated (either auto or for 3A, on) during the pushback checklist as well so I guess I'm not clear when the pumps are actually supposed to be turned on, as they are referenced in three separate checklist phases.
  24. As noted on my previous post, just flew a couple of legs in an AA CRJ. One other thing I noted - just before pushback, I heard a loud mechanical noise (sounded like an electrical or hydraulic motor from under the floor in the vicinity of the LG bay area). Ran for about 20-30 seconds. Any idea what this was? Heard it on both flights.
  25. Interesting, it makes sense, I'm just surprised that I never noted this technique used on previous RL flights. Any idea if the APU is still running when the aircraft is taxing on one engine?
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