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  1. Apologies if this question has been asked before and I just haven't seen it. Am I right in thinking that AES is still not compatible with FSX:SE? Many thanks.
  2. Spotted the banner at the top of the site, advertising 20% off a range of PMDG products for a while. It's some sort of conspiracy, I'm sure - they always come out with these offers when I have no spare money to spend!!!
  3. I would echo that sentiment - I have a limited budget to spend on FS (and my other hobbies) but it would be nice to have my own "pad" at Andras.
  4. Just bought the PMDG 737 NGX.... with luck I'll have mastered enough to do one of the later Sunday trips!
  5. I have NL2000 for FSX but not sure I've installed it - will have to double-check. It is good stuff, I had an earlier version, then the later one, for FS9 and it is excellent. Like that idea of Netherlands tours. I never got to Heraklion, so not sure I can do the return trip! I agree, using aircraft with similar capabilities. Problem is I have no decent 737 or Airbus for FSX. Can maybe use the Lear or similar, that's bearable.
  6. Yes, that was a pain, getting kicked out by Gamespy. Still, managed to get to Brac Island. Will post pics tomorrow. Time to hit the hay now....
  7. Currently sitting on the ground at Andras seeing who will come along...
  8. I could never get it to show as more than a user-defined waypoint, which meant you couldn't start a plan from it. The new version seems to have sorted that out. And i like the fact the new one is much faster. Still have to use it for real though and see how it performs.
  9. A new version of Plan-G is now available. The new version has a slightly different display style, actually shows EAFS as an airfield rather than simply a user-defined waypoint, and links to VATSIM to show controllers and aircraft online... among other things. It's also much quicker than the previous version - so far, at least. http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1944.0
  10. Ole, I would join you on Sunday but the proposed starting time is a bit late for a 3+ hour flight, when I have to get up at 06:10 the next morning. As it stands at the moment, I'm not sure how my weekend is going to pan out, so I may not be able to make anything at all! Fingers crossed things don't get too busy.
  11. Looks like my weekend is getting busy. If I can, Matt, I will join you in the RealAir Spit.
  12. I have to say that looks good. I like the idea that you get the -300 model for free when it comes out. The forthcoming Quality Wings one could be good too. Trouble is, I wouldn't use it for anything else - none of the VAs I fly for operates the 146/RJ.
  13. If we're going to insist on leisure aircraft (spoilsports!) I'll look at maybe taking the default Lear or CRJ. I don't have any reasonable small-medium airliner add-ons in my hangar.
  14. My model is the IRIS F-16D. I think there's a ferry-tank option. But I can simulate in-flight refuelling with the options on the panel, so can always go for that. Needs precise flying though. My main probleim is timing. As I have to get up at 06:10 the next day I can't afford to finish late.
  15. I suppose I could jump in the F-16 and refuel en-route...
  16. If you guys can estimate when you'll be arriving at Andras I will try and stooge around and see you in.
  17. I think you will find that the philosophy behind Andras Field is that it is a community field, that is, it is for people to use online where they can see each other. I suspect AI was quite low down the list of priorities.
  18. Been doing swing/jive classes for a few months to get ready...good way to exercise!
  19. I have a few days at the Bank Holiday Weekend coming up... that's it... Still, we're off to the Twinwood Festival so should be a good break!
  20. Trouble is, when you are flying C206's and C208's AES doesn't give you much!
  21. Nice work Matt. We need to organise sone online fly-ins so everyone can get some practice.
  22. Spud, if you want to fly online using the Andras Gamespy server, you need to load nothing else - all you need is FSX and a Gamespy account. If you want to fly online with VATSIM or ICAO then you need extras. Best thing there is to go to the sites and they will tell you the minimum requirements.
  23. Here's my version of the same pic - thanks for the flight guys, nice to have some company. Ole, my insurers wll be in touch about the damage.... Matt's fridge is now re-stocked, how soon can we empty it?
  24. That sounds plausible. My current default flight is my Manston departure in the C130. I saved it cold and dark originally, but FSX has other ideas when loading in multiplayer! never mind, saves time.
  25. I have a new throttle quad to test, so hope to do my Manston to Andras via Luxemburg tonight. Won't be that late though. Will go on the server if it will cooperate! Edit: Just tested the server and seems OK. One thing - can I force it to start me up cold and dark rather than engines running? I know it saves time but I like the practice!
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