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    I have modified Dendarian's Alpha and Bravo json profiles to make the "Gear" and "Auto Pilot" Leds functional. I also made changes to some of the warning indicators. Starter Engaged and Low Volts extinguished and Door now functional. Dendarian's XML file and pdf for control and axis defaults remain valid except for my following changes. Alpha Button 1 now resets VC pan Button 2 disengages all AP modes currently set Button 3 Sets spoilers to "Taxi" mode and also enables "Steering" switch Button 4 Sets spoilers to "Flight" mode Bravo Flap Switch "Up" release "Down" Set Park Brake Auto Pilot Switches remain the same but I have made many changes to the way these are programmed. IAS, ALT and VS can't be engaged together (as far as Led indications go). Same goes for HDG, NAV and APP. Due to limitations in being able to read AP mode, back from the MJC8Q400 aircraft, the sim pilot needs to keep an eye on the VC panel to keep AP mode and Led indications correctly aligned with the aircraft's panel. Eg: On climbing to the "selected altitude" in VS mode the PFD will change from VS to ALT and begin maintaining level flight but the Bravo's AP IAS Led will remain lit until the ALT button is pressed. I don't believe Majestic Software have provided sufficient warning or status outputs to do much better than I have but, never the less, I welcome any feedback / enhancements anyone has to offer. The imported the Alpha and Bravo profiles are named as Majestic-Dash-8-A-Yoke and Majestic-Dash-8-B-Throttle so will not overwrite Dendarian's original profiles.
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