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  1. Hi all. I'm close to buying my first desktop. My expectations for my new desktop is to be able to run FSX smoothly. Hopefully a PMDG NGX in payware airports. My (hopeful) futere specs are: I7 2600k 3.4 Ghz (and overclocking to 4.1 or higher) <-- I have extra coolingequitment Gigabyte P67 motherboard GTX 260 1 Gb Kingston HyperX 8 Gb ram 500 Gb Seagate 7200 rpm for my other stuff 60 Gb Mushking SSD for FSX 750 W power supply Anything i should change to be able to fly NGX in orbx airports with resonable FPS? Best Regards Lukas
  2. It would be great if Sasha made this area It would go beautifully with ThaiCreation's Paro airport scenery
  3. If you are talking about flytampa, then aerosoft is both selling Boston and Vienna
  4. i can back that up. for some reason the brakes are configured wrong. so as Thor said, just reverse the axis and it helps
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