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  1. Congrats to the winners! There were some FANTASTIC shots this month!
  2. I snapped this with the NGX shortly after departing YBBN (Brisbane) for YSSY (Sydney), with the sun setting in the background. The add-ons that can be seen in this image are- REX, ORBX YBBN, PMDG NGX. Good luck to all
  3. +1. Here in Brisbane, there are a few Harvey Norman stores, and they already sell Saitek products, such as the yoke, several joysticks, pedals, etc. It would be nice to see some FS addons too.
  4. Here's mine- I took this photo of the Concorde-X while on approach to Roissy-CDG airport. There are some fantastic cards this month.
  5. Ok. Thanks for the link, I hadn't noticed these AI models before.
  6. I also think that an AN-225 or AN-124 would be an amazing aircraft for FSX. It looks as though the AN-124 would be more likely though, because there are 58 AN-124's and 1 AN-225.
  7. Here is my entry for this month. This is the terrific new PMDG 737NGX in the new Virgin Australia livery taking off from Brisbane. Good luck to all, there are some amazing screenshots so far.
  8. Here are some FSX and real comparisions. Addons used- PMDG 747-400X, ORBX YBBN. All real photos are from Airliners.net. There are lots of good pictures, I had trouble telling the difference between FSX and the real photo! :goodjob_s:
  9. Hello, Here is my entry for this month. A Strategic A320 departs YBBN early in the morning. Addons used: Aerosoft Airbus X, ORBX YBBN Good luck to all.
  10. Hello, Here is my screenshot. A 747 from Atlas Air 'touching' the sun shortly before arrival in Cairns International Airport in Australia, to deliver supplies after the recent cyclone. Addons used: PMDG 747-400X Good Luck to everyone. Thank-you, Kevin.
  11. Hello, Here is my entry. Good Luck to everyone. Thank-you, Kevin.
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