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  1. Soren In the last post, I think that "none bug" should read "known bug". Tony
  2. Hello Bartje In the Descent phase you can, of course, use the speedbrake to slow the aircraft. However, in the Wilco version (and in the 'real' thing) this is seldom necessary as long as the aircraft is in Autoflight mode (with the Autothrust engaged, naturally). With the Aerosoft plane, the prescribed method is to put the Speed into 'Selected' (as opposed to 'Managed') by pulling (i.e. right-cliking) the Speed button on the FCU and dialling-in the desired speed. You can slow the aircraft by properly managing the descent profile - i.e. 'starting down' in sufficient time to allow a modest rate of vertical descent. Speedbrakes are not normally employed during the Approach phase; this is where the flaps come into play. I hope this helps. KInd regards Tony
  3. Hello Emanuel Contrary to what one reads in the forum, this aircraft can fly STARS and Departure Routes perfectly well. To take your example "8.9 DME DUS" (I presume you are referring to the FAF for RWY 05L at Dusseldorf). If you look at the RNAV transition chart for the airfield you will see that this position is defined as the DIKMI waypoint - and its cordinates are given as N51 17.0 E006 33.9. Go into the Navigraph folder (in the main FSX folder), then into the Navdata sub-folder. Open the 'waypoints' file and you will find that DIKMI is already there (DIKMI,51.195442,6.564292,ED). If you try this for another waypoint, and find that it is not in the database, just add it (using the same format) at the correct 'alphabetical position' in the table. Please note that aeronautical charts give latitude and longitude poistions in degrees, minutes and decimal minutes - whereas the nav database uses degrees and decimal degrees. That is why the chart refers to (for example) longitude E006 33.9, wheras the database states 6.564292. Flying in Southerly latitueds or Westerly longitudes you would, of course, need to prefix the co-ordinates with "-" (minus sign). I hope this helps. Tony
  4. I know that this probably a stupid question... but I presume you've read the 'operating manuals' (seven volumes) that can be found in Microsoft Flight Simulator X / Aerosoft / Airbus X / Documentation ? Tony
  5. Thanks for your tip Ray; saved a bit of time. Having gone through the exercise, my F12 key now opens a view over the left wing! But now I know the basic idea, i'll play aboout with it
  6. Thanks for your help, Otto. Very much appreciated
  7. Hello Bob Thanks for the information. I'm sorry to appear stupid, but when you say "comment out", does that mean just delete these lines? Tony
  8. Hello Bjorn Please note that, on page 4 of the manual (Volume 1) it states... "We are using the well known NAVIGRAPH database as the source instead of the very outdated FSX navigation and routes database. If you like to keep that updated you can buy the updates at Navigraph.com. The set you need is the Cheyenne/Fokker/Mustang/Super 80 Professional one. Of course if you just like to use the product there is no need whatsoever to update these files. If you fly online or in a VA do check with your friends there though." I hope this helps Tony
  9. Dear Shaun. Thank you so much for responding to my post; your help was invaluable in solving this problem (now all sorted). I'm very grateful that people such as you are prepared to spend so much time with your assistance. I am looking forward immensely to getting to grips with this Airbus version. Of course there will be initial problems, such is life - real and simulated. Whilst I'm not a 'software expert' (as you could tell from my post!), I would be very happy to put in many hours conducting any 'tests' that may be of use to the developers, and reporting back. Kind regards. Tony
  10. Hello All. A plea for help... Monitoring the forum over the last few weeks, I carried out the procedure suggested by Shaun Fletcher and reinstalled the programme. I found then found that was unable to load any Aerosoft aircraft. Looking in my FSX folder, I now see that there are two Aerosoft subfolders - "Aerosoft" and "Aerosoft(621)". Strange!! When I now try to uninstall the product using the applet in the Control Panel, it won't let me. I don't know what to do next! If some could offer some words of advice, I'd be very grateful Thanks Tony Tucker
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