We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Thank you so much for this update and your hard and brillant job !
  2. To be honest, It looks kinda good in my opinion! I don't think they're that high in the water, looks real
  3. (No related), but Dyce Airport is planned by Pyreegue Dev's Co. I do hope we'll able to land on moving ships, could be very challenging ! Finger crossed
  4. It's a known-bug with the exterior camera. I'm having this issues in almost every airports... So i don't think Jo will be able to something about it, as I think this bug is related to the Pre-Caching option.
  5. You have to Install all liveries / planes available on the AIGManager. Anyway, really looking forward this masterpiece, i'm sure EBBR will be à gamechanger !
  6. You should directly ask the dev itself on their discord : https://discord.gg/CNek8YQyMq You'll even have daily updates
  7. Is it me, or you even managed to place a ground-worker on the jetways ? It looks so good, and realistic ! Thank you for this amazing job
  8. According to the top-notch work Jo Erlend did with EDDK, ENVA and EDLP with custom animated passagers, you shouldn't be afraid of performances. I didnt notice a fps loss when it was implemented, so i'm 99.9% sure it will be the same with EBBR. Otherwise it would be basically unplayable with this kind of Hub
  9. Hello, do you any plans for this update ? Can't wait for functionnal jetways at ENVA !
  10. I don't even have words to describe this top of the art airport... What a tremendous job you've Jo, congrats for achieving this, and really looking forward EBBR And by the way, do you know if it could be possible to share a little teaser (little a preview of the feature list)? 😛
  11. As always, amazing shots ! Thanks a lot for your tremendous works on EDDK, ENVA and now EBBR, we all know it's worth the wait and benefit everybody
  12. Some devs are pushing back the release date of some airports due to some problems introduced by SU5 and WU6 (Jetstream's LFBO, or Flightbeam's NZAA for example). I guess Jo Erlend's Brussels is one of them, we all know he loves to release the perfect product So let's wait a bit, with all those teasers we won't be disappointed !
  13. It's only a preview channel if i remember well, so it's in the beta test phase (maybe i'm wrong)
  14. Just wait guys I believe when they'll have something, they will. Mathijs & Jo seems very excited about the project, so they will let us know when there is something to share
  15. They have decided to start with the A330, so no ETA for the a320 family...
  16. Hey ! Will it support some principal languages, such as Deutsch / French ? If not, can the community help to add this feature, via "Crowdin" or "Localazy", which are already used by the FBW team and Orbx ?
  17. Jo was the developper (as for ENVA), so I'm fairly sure it will be super FPS friendly and beautiful.
  18. Depend if it's a FSX/P3D port, or if it's build complete from the ground up for MSFS, like EBBR, that's why it takes time 😛
  19. Stop asking for a release date, they didn't even had one i guess. Let time bring us this wonderfull EBBR addon
  20. It was Gaya. Confirmed in the last QA. Btw, Gaya is their official partner for WorldUpdate POI and airports
  21. Hello everybody, The famous Asobo's home town airport : LFBD International Bordeaux Airport; located around 12km from Asobo's studios, could be an awesome wink ! Kind regards,
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