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  1. Honestly lol. It's like, do you wanna submit code to Aerosoft for free for the CRJ? I'm sure they'd appreciate it. Otherwise, what are you complaining about? EDIT: Although, yes, I understand the frustration in paying for a product and not having long-standing bugs sorted. I am glad to see development continues. Hope to see more in the future.
  2. Yeah, I think so too. I think they said it was mostly finished, so hopefully it won't be long. Hoping for a flight this weekend.
  3. Looks like the WASM bug was addressed, so the CRJ will hopefully be flyable now! Looking forward to the CRJ update now being released. Release Notes for Hotfix Version - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  4. Just wait for the update.
  5. Also looking forwards to the update. The CRJ is still the plane that is carrying the sim for me, more than the DC-6 or FBW.
  6. Damn, I was really hoping the "off" illuminators for the packs would get fixed, since it seemed like a fairly easy thing to address. Hopefully soon... The rest looks great though!
  7. I know that the MFD's ETA calculation isn't very good, but the MFD was displaying an ETE in the normal map display, and failing to calculate an ETA in the text display. Is this a bug, or did I do something wrong while setting up my route?
  8. I wanted to practice an approach, so I started my flight in the air. Which, by the way, I had to set the default state to "ready for taxi," because otherwise the plane starts cold and dark, and you cannot change the aircraft state midflight. The plane should always start turned on if started midflight, I think. But regardless, a minute after starting, the screens seem to just have completely froze, as you can see in the image below. I believe this happened after I tried to select an ILS arrival at the airport I wanted. The FMS froze up after that, and so did the PFD/MFD/EICAS. I did not have a "departure" airport set, only an arrival airport. Nor did I have any route set in the legs page. I think this is what caused the screens to freeze.
  9. Thanks for the help! This was what I suspected, as it didn't make sense to have an "off" label that would not be illuminated when the packs were off...
  10. I have noticed that the lighting for the packs buttons sometimes do not work. I have been flying in cruise with my packs turned off without realizing it, because the "off" light was not illuminating! Is this normal behaviour? Have I missed something in the manuals? I have noticed this behaviour elsewhere as well, such as with the APU fuel and starter switches sometimes not illuminating, and possibly more as well. Thanks for any feedback!
  11. Sorry, how do we update the AIRAC using our Navigraph subscription? I've already installed the latest Navigraph AIRAC for MSFS, so does this mean that the CRJ is already using it? Or will it continue to use its own AIRAC as it's unable to communicate with the MSFS/Navigraph one currently?
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