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  1. Hi. I really need some help as I am lost for support so far. My Saitek rudder pedals stop working in the PMDG 737 ngxu after installing the Alpha Yoke and BTQ. They work in the PMDG 747 just fine. Any ideas as I have changed the axis in P3D, configured in FSUIPC, and removed the P3D.cfg file to rebuild the configuration. I usually fly the 737 so this is a huge problem. Thanks for any help. Scott
    The bravo throttle is somehow stopping my Saitek rudder pedals from working in the PMDG 737 ngxu. They freeze about :10 seconds after flight initialization. New rudder pedals and they work fine with the PMDG 747. Any suggestions? Scott
    I am having trouble with the Bravo Throttle quad interferring with my Saitek Rudder pedals in the PMDG 737. It woks fine with the PMDG 747 but I can't make the 737 work. The rudder pedals freeze about :10 seconds after the flight initializes. Any suggestions? Scott
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