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  1. I will have the nearest flights to SVX 21-25APR, if you'll need for for some more details can help you with pictures.
  2. And, something else for dev. staff, please, don't forget about new SVX cargo terminal that is in final process currently (will be ready approx. May-Jun'12). This main warehouse building is located opposite cargo ramp standings 28A, 28B All pictures made last week, may be will help you with scenery objects location (sorry for my HTC images poor quality )
  3. Using 2.21 version faced with one issue - permanent aircrafy bouncing during pushback: from the movement start till pushback end. Never faced with this problem in previous versions. Is anyone have this problem too?
  4. Thank you very much, Ulf. It shoul found in my shop account, yes:rolleyes:
  5. Sorry for my question, but where I can find this update? Not any info regarding 1.20 installer in my personal support page (after login), only Additional Checklist Airbus X Paint Kit 1.00 Checklists in smartphone format Dutch Manuals 1.00 German Step By Step guide Russian Manuals 1.00 Thats all.
  6. I'm not sure, but "FIVE" (5 feets to gnd) callout is not sound/missed in AirbusX. Is this correct or not? (That should be after Retard callout at the end of flareout mode)
  7. So, will make no bones to ask from Matjis- may is it possible will be to add WXR in the future? I'm understand, your position and eye-view alike PMDG dev. staff point of view on this device in FS nature, but nevertheless we have and know some nice examples of aircraft addons where is WXR working adequately. Let recall and refresh one's even DA Fokker with amazing working WXR with shared GND MAP function Unfortunately, we haven't the same or similar high level installed/embedded in ND/EHSI WXR gauges at present day. But it's a pity.
  8. - modify ATS sounds (estimated height to ground), current version is "fuzzy" and indeterminate - soft adjustment of PFD/ND/ECAM screens, not only swithed on or off only, how it's currently - divide (make independent) rotate of panel's brightness/night lights swithes (rotate synchronously just now) - lessen the aurual warning sounds volume (very-very loud now againts other cockpit sounds) - zoom clickable zone for PFD, ND, ECAM's - add 318/319 variants (please)
  9. So, nearer and yet nearer at Russia One never knows, and we'll see Moscow Airports soon too. Excellent quality, will waiting for release.
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