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  1. Great to hear! Continue with the glass half full! You were first out of the gate with the CRJ and you will remain as the leader with continued refinements to future updates. Congrats!
  2. Thanks very much guys! I'm sure there are many individuals unaware of the Bombardier humble beginnings.
  3. Pay no attention to the majority of downvotes. The most inspirational videos on YouTube get numerous dislikes. People give down thumbs because they can and there is no accountability.
  4. You know, if you are going to do a review, do it properly, do your homework and get it right. Certain YouTubers need to take a step back to polish the finished product.
  5. Didn’t realize I could post a direct link to an unlisted video. Here is the direct link.
  6. I am working on a Developer Spotlight/promo video for the CRJ. The video (unlisted at this time) will incorporate a short segment on the history of Bombardier. The history part is complete and can viewed on my channel. Click on the community tab at this link to see the draft video if interested. https://www.youtube.com/c/TheFlightLevel
  7. You will surpass them in air time by week two 😉
  8. Excellent! Puts everyone on the starting line together, especially for this type of release!
  9. Couldn’t resist replying to this part. So, so true. So much more comfort and noise reduction when going from Flight School headsets to your own headset (Lightspeed). Had to give Lightspeed a plug 🙂
  10. And if you would like to get Canada and US in on the action. Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Seattle, USA (KSEA)
  11. From Bombardier CRJ 700 CRJ 900 CRJ 1000 Takeoff[d] 5,265 ft / 1,605 m (ER) 6,360 ft / 1,939 m (LR) 6,955 ft / 2,120 m (ER) Landing[e] 5,040 ft / 1,536 m 5,355 ft / 1,632 m 5,740 ft / 1,750 m (d) MTOW (e) MLW
  12. Okay, thanks. I see they are pinned deep under manual translations!
  13. Do we just have access to Vol. 1 of the manuals at this time?
  14. From the internet (360 VR file). Putting together a video on the CRJ plus Bombardier history and showcasing the Aerosoft model.
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