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  1. I'm not sure that they address CRJs specifically, but it gives you an idea about transoceanic regional jet ferry flights for maintenance and delivery.
  2. Hi Mathijs, I have a question about saving the game mid-flight. As a parent with young kids I can get pulled away from even a short flight twenty minutes in and not be able to resume it until the next evening (ie too long to keep the game paused). I've been flying the Working Title CJ4 mod a lot in anticipation of the CRJ and while I've absolutely loved what they've done, the inability to save the state of the FMS has been frustrating. Even some cockpit knobs and switches aren't restored when I attempt to load a flight. However, this limitation is clearly stated in their guide and, being freew
  3. Delta, KCMH to KMSP. ... Who am I kidding, whatever the published tutorial flight is 😁
  4. I've been learning the Working Title CJ4 mod as well and, coming from only having flown GA aircraft (with the G1000) in the game previously, it's been a blast so far. The "airliner" style Collins FMS in the WT CJ4 has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but that challenge is what has kept me coming back to it night after night.
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